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Garage week #3

What would garage week be without Sunship, 2-step was rockin at some point too… This next one is a total vocal piece, remixed by Sunship that was on a white label only in ’98 and it’s one of those vocal garage cuts that work for me, (although there was so much bad stuff. Like in most most vocal electronic music, make those vocals matter, otherwise no reason to ruin a perfectly fine instrumental with everybody-move-your-body type of ish), such a feel good thing here.

Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure (Sunship’s Into The Sunshine edit) (320K) (Mediafire)

(started raining…. I was on time with this…)

Bonus: some darker instrumental stuff from Warlock from ’03.

Warlock – Silence Is Defeat (320K) (Mediafire)