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Tour week

We’re just on our way back home with J-Laini from the Top Billin west coast tour, got stuck on London due to some ash clouds (again), so it’s becoming an extended week. Airport hotel ain’t that nice either but who cares right now.. Beginning of the week was about raves, but the end of the week turned out to be a more disco/club music oriented thing, thanks to our homie Thee Mike B (pictured with Shmoozie) who’s an excellent host and such a great guy (watch his Camo Ufos remixes out on Sinden’s Grizzly & Top Billin soon). Had good quality burgers at In-N-Out, Fatburger, big sushi lunches, cans of Tecate, pool partied at Beverly Hills and all that good you can do while out in west coast. Only actors we saw we’re the guys from Sons Of Anarchy tho… It was also dope to meet and hang out with Jason Them Jeans (tallest dj we’ve ever seen), Dan Oh, Nate Day (of Camo Ufo’s), Paul Devro, Ninjasonik, Franki Chan, Acidgirls, Glenjamm, so many great and talented guys. See you soon, we miss you already.