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BAWZ – a remix competition


Hey producer buddy. We’re officially launching a remix competition here now…. Last time we held one, we found so much talent we had crawl back into the studio for 2 weeks….

Anyway… We released a song from BAWZ (awesome name) on the 1st edition of our ‘World Gone Club‘ compilation series, titled ‘Higher‘. A massive burner, a staple on the Sharkslayer sets and max bass.

So now we’re getting ready for a full ep release from BAWZ and we want YOU to remix ‘Higher’.

Rules are simple:

Download the stems HERE.

Send your remix in mp3 format before 1st of June to info at

Winning remix will be featured on the BAWZ EP.

5 runner-ups will be featured on the site too.

A runner-up possibility to appear on our next compilation (!).

Bags of goodies with t-shirts and pussy tasting candy for the fun versions.

If you watch Steven Segal movies you get extra points because in real life… we’re all just the cook.

So… even if you don’t win, you still get a change to feature your remix on Top Billin. Sounds fair does it not? Get on the download and start remixing (if you’re really clever, the zip includes midi files too…. how dope is that?).