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Sampology aka Sam Poggioli made us an entire ep of club monsters a month ago, featuring the vocal talent of South African slash Swedish wonder boy, Fader cover star and a Top Billin family member Spoek Mathambo. Also featured was Cnucci Banana with her best work to date on a tune called ‘Piggy Bank’, supported by guys like Malente, Munchi, Joyce Muniz, etc. Now Sampology is back with his second ep featuring the vocals of always lovely and amazing Lady Chann. This is some next level tropical beats and bass and infectious vocals. The ep also features 2 new songs ‘Move It’ which is a dubstep track the way it should be, bassy and danceable as well as a UK Funky –influenced ‘Technicolor Booty’. Also included are 2 remixes of the previous single ‘Piggy Bank’, remixed by our friend and Kid Sister’s tour dj Willy Joy and Australians finest, Surecut Kids. Better get this now, before it hits the Nr 1 spots at the charts!

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