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Wool “SF 94″

This is a video for the superb new single by Wool, ‘SF 94′. Some old skool action from San Francisco. Enjoy!

“I really wanted to get away from making a poppy/concept video. The song itself is all about vague, druggy, youthful memories so I wanted to portray the feeling of that. I feel like every dance music video has to have a ‘clever’ concept these days and that whole deal is really dull to me… Dance music doesn’t have to be all ‘sell sell sell’ in the music videos. It can be about ambience, nostalgia and beauty…. I took a digital point and shoot camera and went for a bike ride taking in the ferry from Marin County passing San Quentin (thinking of Johnny Cash) past Alcatraz (more history) and on into Downtown. DIY style. Afterward we were really lucky to have immensely talented Director Mariana Jukica come in and edit my abstract and shaky footage. The video is inspired by those early dance music videos, meandering and without a specific marketing purpose…more of an accompaniment to the music…sweet and reminiscent. “WOOL