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Awesome music from Chile

Chile’s native Daniel Klauser has been on a roll lately. When we had the pleasure to release his ‘Living In The Past’ tune on our ‘World Gone Club vol.3′ compilation, we were stoked on his style. We were even more happy to hear he was working on a full ep, check it on the player.

Titled ‘Souling’, the ep goes from sweet R&B influenced sounds to more techy house tunes with enough bass, this is the ‘sound of now’. Were happy to add Daniel to our worldwide family, the future looks bright for our man. Remixes come from Diamond Bass, Stinj, Kidnap Kid and Milt Mortez.

Worldwide release date is 8th of February but you can grab your advance copies now exclusively at the Top Billin Digital Store, only 4.99€ for all 8 tracks, special offer you know.