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"Love Decoy is a razor sharp piece of tropical tinged house, filled with sharp kicks and subtle melodies" - JUNO

After being the bestest of friends for years, we're happy to have the first ever release by the always on point Canadians, Smalltown DJs on Top Billin. Jam packed with club tunes ranging from dancehall vibed rhythms to pumping house versions, this is a must have. If your ears work, you can't not have fun at a Smalltown DJs gig. That's a scientific fact. Look it up. The Canadian duo's uncanny ability to make crowds feel like schoolkids at recess stems naturally from their focus on maximizing fun for themselves. On the production side, the duo has released several blends, remixes and re-edits that have been getting play all over the world. They're focused on making fun dance music with a sense of humour. Not surprisingly, Smalltown DJs production style resembles the squad's approach to deejaying - polymorphous, party-focused and pretension free. Smalltown DJs' quest to maximize fun for themselves and others is an ongoing saga. They continue to tour relentlessly. Look for them in your town soon.

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