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Preview: Klever is stacking money

Top Billin has been a friend of Klever since ages. First meeting up on tour, both parties have been rocking shows around the world, making dope tracks and now it’s time to work together on music for the first time. Top Billin welcomes a fine gentleman and undoubtely one of the best dj’s in the world to the family. Beyond

his accredited mastery as a turntablist, Klever has developed a healthy reputation as “tomorrows dj”. Klever has established his name throughout the dj circuit for his crowd-roaring routines and mix sets. Being born and raised an ATLien, his signature style (on and off the decks) moves crowds in every direction from his roots of crunk, booty, and hip hop and anything worthy to make you rock with finesse. Klever’s talent does not stop at djing, his current prductions have been major hits on Top Billin shows and here’s the first ep from him on the label to prove us right. Get crackin like Klever would say.

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