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Q&A: Roby Howler

On this episode we get down with one of the koolest guys ever from Russia, and we mean deep down from there. Top Billin family member and a good friend, Roby Howler. Check out him laying some knowledge from the east.

1) Go ahead, represent.

Hello, my real name is Vadim Romenskiy – I’m from Russia (Rostov-on-Don) and currently working as an automobile roads project engineer, also I’m happy to produce good shit as ROBY HOWLER, play at the clubs and meeting with friends, that’s the way I do!

2) Lay down some early influences.

Definitely people who use different drinks near the club and then don’t

dance lol, also tons of Russian DJ’s and musicians who rename popular edm tracks and then upload them with their DJ tags everywhere to show that they are dope, producers who improve the mp3 bitrate of the tracks from 128 to 320 on SOUND FORGE – damn loads of sarcasm influences here lol, and it’s true!

It’s amazing to remember early times really – my first ever cassette’s were Modern Talking, Bombfunk MC’s (Finland euro dance act) and first CD was UK Garage: The Next Step mixed by Master Stepz and published by Mixmag. Also I’m still got the VHS tapes with music from the likes of Artful Dodger, Armand Van Helden, So Solid Crew, MJ Cole, Sisqo, Daft Punk.

For sure I was full of inspiration from computer games, I played (Killer Instinct, Super Metroid, Road Rash & tons more) – then I was hanging out, listening to BBC Radio 1 and radio shows from Annie Mac, Kissy Sell Out, Jaymo & Andy George as well as Pete Tong – gotta say much thx to my senior brother for huge motivation, damn it was epic times man!

3) How about today then.

Sometimes techno, sometimes juke, kuduro, Jersey club or maybe any hard rave big room bomb or soul idm, house classics or UK one – I’m just into the music that can make people losing their sneakers and sometimes make u feel the future vibe of any experimental shit we can have – I’m lucky to finally listen all music beginning from jazz to Dutch, but the idea is to create something funny and unique, with bass or any tropical mosquitos for sure!

4) How did you hook up with Top Billin.

Top Billin was always the place where I can find top notch things everytime, and it’s not a secret that my mind was full of ideas to make stuff for em! After I did a remix for my buddy Detnum from Australia and contact Sami about his opinion, since we are good friends!

5) Everybody has a turning point, what was yours.

After I listened first bass music like fidget house I think, it was like “ah what the hell this wobble from?!” – if to describe my music I think the point was after my meeting with the Top Billin crew and releasing Selo EP as well as my single “Figures” for Southern Fried Records (Fried & Tested Tracks Compilation Vol.3) + official remixes for the likes of Buraka Som Sistema, Malente & Crookers completely change the game! – also I’m very lucky to have positive reactions from top guys like Diplo, AC Slater, Savage Skulls, Douster & Harvard Bass for example, but probably the main findings is still ahead!

6) Name a shame track.

Must pay attention and say thanks to the guys who were going to the right of me in the bus some days ago – they inspired me and definitely reminded me about situation with “good” music we have, they were drunk by the likes of Jaguar, Baltic beer and other cheap shit alcohol and listened music without any headphones on the phone – they was like dirty pigs who listened old school Russian rap, hard scream rock and other crazy shit – it’s like a traditional firm dish and it’s not their fail, it’s like governments fail which led our country into the big pit – that’s why mainstream people say – “oh man please switch to any popular annoying crap” and no NIGHT SLUGS please lol!

Anyway big shouts to Russian massive and crew who still interested of music, making something creative and unique, it’s a always huge work guys – u are mental!

I can’t say that some sort of tracks sounds bad – depends on ur mood, time, weather and conditions but without any hard rock music for me please!

7) Do you you like em Brown, Yellow, Puerto-Rican or Hatian.

Primary for me is the human qualities – everything else is irrelevant, just don’t give a fuck to what skin, nationality and location people from – simply be yourself, it works 100%!

8] My precious 12?.

Don’t collect vinyl anymore to be true, but the most memorable for me was Armand Van Helden Feat Duane Harden – You Don’t Know Me (FFRR)

9) Your chance to promote what you got coming up next / in the future.

I’m very excited about my next release on legendary Chicago based Trax Records I did with Sami (Sir Nenis) with golden remixes inside as well as the Moveltraxx EP I will have later this year, also keep your eyes open with new remixes i did for Sounds Of Sumo & Boxon Records!

10) Shout outs?

My family, friends & all buddies I’m lucky to talk with, shout out to all who supported me & my music regardless of whether I’m drunk or naked, it means a lot for me!