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Q&A: Moralez

That’s one tough looking guy…. Well you gotta be if you’re a ‘real’ house enthusiast in Russia. On this episode of our interview series we go again to the east and get to know Moralez. He made a smashing deep house ep with remixes by Snuff Crew and Photonz respectively (we love deep sounds too you know), and it’s out now. Excuse him the lil sideways english, this is a true master from Russia right on point.

1) Go ahead, represent.

My Name is Alexander aka Moralez. I am 29 years old, 16 of which I am interested in music. I live in Saint-Peterburg (Russia). I’m engaged in writing music, promotional activities and DJing. I’m the the main producer and booking agent of Jesus club in Saint-Petersburg.

2) Lay down some early influences.

First exposure to electronic music was in ’96. Then I listened to Hard Core and Jungle. I liked the heavy sound and cranky expression of compositions. After high school I got into post-punk and new wave parallel playing in live bands in my hometown and writing electronic music with the music sequencer. This was the starting point.

Simultaneously, I was collecting vinyl records with different music from the post-Soviet disco to techno, from the jungle to the idm. It was pretty difficult to do it in my native city in early 2000, but passion to music dictated terms. I’ve been collecting vinyl and listened to it at home and never played coz it was almost impossible.

Closer to 2001, I started to learn the basics of studio sound production and study at university. Perhaps this was the beginning of all beginnings.

3) How about today then.

Like any normal person, I have a passion for development: Now I have a broad outlook and a good taste in music and developed skills from different musical schools have an effect. Now I’m writing music quickly (days) and do it very rarely.

Of course like any decent music producer, parallel I’m a DJ and a promoter who makes parties in his home city in club called Jesus, they are the most cool and trendy events in Saint-Petersburg. As to a producer house and techno music is closer to me now: acid house, garage, nj house, uk house and derivatives. And I try to work in this direction.

If to talk about music in common, its difficult to divide it into genres if its really good. There are two notions for me as real and not real music and I operate with them at the moment (in the classification). Classification by genres is not as relevant, if it’s really music, not a set of sounds.

4) How did you hook up with Top Billin.

It happened very quickly. I had the cool stuff and we, together with label managers decided to publish it. That’s how it happened.

From my point of view, the label and creative association Top Billin is a serious formation in modern music, so I did not think twice about releasing my music on it. It seems to me that the release that has come out is pretty good.

And we can see all this on Top Billin already now. As it’s known my Motions Elements did not spare a review of world music magazine XLR8, who writes only about worthy representatives of the world music scene.

5) Everybody has a turning point, what was yours.

Well of course the starting point for me is a genuine passion for music since childhood. My parents listened to a lot of music when I was small. That’s how all went probably.

Then there were releases in breaking music, later experiments with a direct kick and work with Russian fashion designers. Music is my main woman and wife. Again there was hardcore, jungle, punkrock, new wave, techno and house. And it was just a banal desire to understand and roll in all this.

I began to play in nightclubs being already

a person who wrote music for a long time. So as a disc jockey, I was developed later than as a music producer. But I think that this is a normal scheme of evolution in musical career.

6) Name a shame track.

There are plenty of shame tracks on Russian stage. Nearly every track is a shame or slop sinks. 90% of our Russian singers annoys me. For example Phillip Kirkorov’s track “My Bunny”. The biggest shit ever!

7) Do you you like em Brown, Yellow, Puerto-Rican or Hatian.

I like nice and interesting people. The color and smell of leather here plays no role. I have different friends, some of them have different color of skin from mine. What’s the difference at all?.. What’s the color of ur skin?.. What is your native language…?

8] My precious 12?.

Yes, I like vinyl and I have a lot at home. If we talk about techno it’s Spectrum – Spectral (R & S Records). I shake off dust from it more often. And I really love the sound that was written in early 90s. If to talk about house music, I’m in love with the Canadian project “The Stick Men” and their “Direct 2 Disc LP” – this double is gorgeous and sounds cool today.

9) Your chance to promote what you got coming up next / in the future.

Definitely I can say that now I’m preparing a new EP, the name of which and releasing label I can’t tell. There will be two tracks and two remixes in it from such already famous guys as Lakosa and Nick Beringer. Also at the beginning of November I’ll give a track for vinyl for a very cool labels Ecstasy, Godzila Kebabab and Ladoga Lake.

10) Shout outs?

Be cool – if you can really afford it.