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Preview: Sir Nenis and Roby Howler for Trax Records

Trax Records releases Sir Nenis & Roby Howler‘ “Don’t Stop” EP (includes remixes from Coin Operated Boy, Zombies For Money, Jagerverb and Joelito)

Worldwide release date November 27

‘Don’t Stop’ is a definitive house jam which will keep you dancing, hence the name ‘Don’t Stop (the dance)’. Filled with big room synth pads, house piano’s and a techno-ish drum work, it’s a track aimed directly for the dance floor. Both Roby’s and Nenis’ influences stem from old school house and those influences can be heard on the track, no cranky distorted basslines here, this is pure aoh (adult oriented house). Remixes have been carefully chosen to reflect the love Roby and Nenis feel for various genres for music, so there remixes go from deeper techno vibes to tropical beats, but all made for the dance floor.


Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Don’t Stop (Zombies For Money Remix)
Don’t Stop (Jägerverb Remix)
Don’t Stop (Coin Operated Boy Remix)
Don’t Stop (Joelito Remix)

Get this at the Trax Store.

Sir Nenis’ previous release on Trax is now available at Itunes: