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Q&A: Don D Selectah

Welcome to yet another dope interview on our Q&A series. This time we go down with a trap master blaster aka Don D Selectah. An ep dropping in 2 weeks on Sharkslayer’s MTWAT label (yes, The Slayer loves trap), better to get to know the man. Currently drawing influences from UK garage, grime, dubstep and moombahton, his debut ep is a wonderful journey through all those influences. Let’s check Don D give some info on what/where/who.

1) Go ahead, represent.

Representing Producers/Djs from Zagreb (Croatia),

where I was born and raised. But I am really into music since it came into existence. And in this life-time somehow it is all about breaking free from old ways, imposed beliefs and limitations, ending elitism everywhere, fighting bad influences with dope sounds starting in late 60′s.

For me music is a way of living. Either you do anything connected with it all the time or you have your 5 bands that you listen to your whole life even if they sucked back when they were ‘cool’.

2) Lay down some early influences.

Where to start? At early age I was influenced by my family tastes in music and I was, in my view, lucky that my dad was into Experimental Dub and Kraut Rock so I had a choice. Later I remember my first encounter with underground Hip-Hop in high school, in mid 80′s, when I first heard music from Public Enemy and BDP while I was selectively listening to bands like Nirvana, Pantera, Sick Of It All and older stuff like Jimi Hendrix.

Crazy genial sampling and revolutionary MCs in Hip-Hop blew my mind while I noticed that rhythm patterns where superior and more soul-fulfilling. I became Hip Hop Head overnight! Short time after that I discovered The Prodigy with their first album which was really groundbreaking for me and I think their music was a major influence on my musical taste after that.

3) How about today then.

I listen to almost everything that is getting out there but mostly I’m into Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Moombahton, Reggae influenced EDM, Dubstep, 2Step and whatnot. There is only bad commercial radio here in CT so I like to turn on BBC1xtra to hear what’s new around the globe and I check underground blogs for Not-mainstream sweetness.

Lately I am all into that next ish called EDM-TRAP. It coincided that I started writing music right about when Moombahton was created and I soon realised that there is nothing better than the possibility to mix different genres and get away with it. So for me those two fresh genres are reflecting the needs of society to transform from old and obsolete to new and purposeful. Just to be a part of it is a big thrill!

4) How did you hook up with Top Billin.

I liked and respected Top Billin way beck when I was djing. I was very happy when I got a remix job from Amazinggaijin for a Top Billin release. I tightened up my production and decided to ask Top Billin if they dig my sounds and if they would like to release my tracks. Then I got feedback from some Sharkslayer (Sir Nenis) saying that they got an extra harpoon for me and that its ON! Been celebrating that every weekend since then.

5) Everybody has a turning point, what was yours.

As a kid I tried to learn guitar and piano, even fiddled with drums but it seemed that I had 2 left hands. I had encountered Cubase in ’91 when I was a part of a garage techno bend where I was human sampler/drum machine. But back than I was scared, thinking that there was no way I could make anything without formal musical education.

I started djing in 2000 ’cause I decided by then that I wanted to make music my only business, work on a radio or in a club but almost a thousand Dancehall, Reggae and Hip Hop 45″s and 12″s couldn’t land me a steady-job in my hometown, where there are too few clubs for too many crews that wanna do parties. Late 2009 I somehow managed to scrape nuff cash for a ProMac and that was it. That was my last turning point! I started to learn as fast as I could and I knew I just have to work, work and work…

6) Name a shame track.

We have here something called Turbo Folk music. Its not original ethnic folk music but it derived from it and it is an insult to any intelligent being. I think that I can safely say that music is shameful only when people decide to make it because of politics or nationality, or insane profit or egotistic needs. Bad motive equals bad music. I also don’t like overly introvert and dark music. There is enough bad things going on around us 24/7 so why add to it??

7) Do you like em Brown, Yellow, Puerto-Rican or Hatian.

If people really love each other no one or thing should stop them. I have nothing against no one as long as they are nice and not aggressive. Live and let live baby!

8) My precious 12″.

I got original James Brown Soul Classics 45″ singles from 1972 and they beat any 12″s I still have.

9) Your chance to promote what you got coming up next / in the future
There is my Xtratrillestrial EP that should be out on My Techno Weighs A Ton in december. Two tracks are waiting to be released on two TRAP compilations, one from Juke Ellington and one from Cassette Blog. I got a few collaborations with known and unknown MCs in the pot as well as a remix job for Sir Nenis and his Nordberg project.

I’m also cooking up few new mix-tapes to present my new work and some exclusive music from Soundcloud producers. Recently I decided to separate my production by name and genre. HighGradeMuzik will be for Moombahton and anything on that note while Don D Selectah is here to take care of EDM-Trap/Dancehall/Hip-Hop biz .

10) Shout outs?

To the creation for creating this opportunity, to my mom, my dad and all my living or deceased family and specially to my beautiful wife who is my biggest and strongest supporter, to all people who support my music and to all people that live music. Last to Top Billin Fam and Sir Nenis. Mad props for supporting and feedback! Bless Up and BA$$.