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It might not came as a suprise that we love Moombahton. We love all styles, especially when we can enjoy the hard stuff with the island sounds incorporating our love for dancehall to the mash. We know lately moomba has been about who makes the sickest bass sound and whatnot, but now that this is our second compilation of the ground breaking music style, we want to feature many aspects of it. For this 13 track compilation we teamed up with the fine people of Think 2Wice, America's finest team of eclectic 110bpm sounds. Hailing from Kansas City, MO & Portland, OR, these guys have been keeping it real promoting the tough beats, proper bass and dj-friendly Moombahton sound for a good time across the pond, so this collabo is a natural evolution. Always forward, never backwards. Think 2wice records was created by Brent and Ben Tactic in 2008. The label is curated by them with the focus of releasing the best in future sounding club music. Releases in the past have seen originals and remixes from the likes of Salva, Doc Daneeka, Astronomar, Norrit, Jay Fay among many others. Featuring 13 tracks truly meant for the club from both of our US homies and European cats, this is not your average moomba compilation. We go hard, we go smooth, we go vocal, we go around the world. Big respect to the Moombahton massive worldwide.

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