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Preview: Best of MMXII compilation, 25 greats

As this year is coming to

an end, it’s time to unleash once again our ‘best of the year’ compilation. This best of MMXII collection showcases the best talent on the label this past year, with tunes ranging from moombahton to house and floor-stomping ghetto cuts. 2012 was a busy year for us, many tunes reaching nr 1 chart positions and with a wide range of top dj supporting these tracks. Go ‘ard, go smooth, we do it all and we give you love with this compilation. Fireworks, Swiss alpine horns, In-N-Out Burger animal style, that blue Ikea bag you can use for fuckin everything, that grumpy cat, you get the idea, mad tunes!

25 greats for 4.99. only at the Top Billin digital store.