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Having already represented Slovakia on the CZ/SK compilation in Top Billin's 'country series', as well as a remixing Grandtheft's 'Hear This', Kepikei delivers his first solo joint. This release consists of 2 originals, both straight fire. When we first heard 'Ghettomaster' we were as blown away as when we first time heard Club Cheval's first productions, raw, uncut, true music for the club with influences from hiphop and classic electro. Main track, 'Bust A Move' is right on designed for the girls who want to get pop lock and drop it. Hailing from Bratislava, Kepikei aka M. Capela creates the more sinister side of bass music. Get introduced to Kepikei, this is one producer you will hear more in the future, this guy isn't trippin.

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