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European modest club kings. Awesome record label too.

Free music: Classic UK Hardcore from DJ Pinball

That Herve’s remix of Kidda’s Under The Sun was a definitive Top Billin classic back in 2008 (has it been that long…?), so DJ Pinball aka label manager Heikki aka The Many-Faced Man (and an old school vibes / jungle / UK hardocre DJ) went on to do a useful party mix of a classic […]

Too Late Productions - Forcing The Future EP

Too Late Productions – Forcing The Future EP

Ghetto influenced club music from the older generation duo. As we love music from all decades, and the 90’s vibes always have a place in our heart, it’s no wonder TLP aka Too Late Productions make a return to Top Billin with new ep full of proper ghetto cuts.


Various Artists – Premium Crates 5

Welcome the the 5th edition of our popular Premium Crates series. You may have noticed that we know a lot of great artists around the world and are constantly on the lookout for the undiscovered talent as well. Premium Crates is a series that brings together both, already world famous established artists and guys and girls who are just starting out.

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Q&A: Fil Jackson

My name is Fil Jackson, I’m a music producer/artist/DJ out of Toronto by way of Belgrade, Serbia. I have a deep rooted passion for music as well as the culture that forms from music scenes around the world. I love being from Toronto and I rep this city hard. My goal is to put the dark, ugly, and yet somehow beautiful energy of this city into every song I make.


Fil Jackson – They Don’t Wanna Play Our Music On The Radio

Do they play it on the radio? Not likely. Even though being an integral part of the inner city culture, Footwork has always been in the shadows until recents years. Pioneered in Chicago, Footwork music and the competitive dancing with it intertwined seem alien compared to the city’s other musical exports such as house and the hip-hop of Kanye West.


Carpainter – Browser Crasher

The future of Japanese club music rests assuredly in good hands. Since 2012 we have worked on 3 different projects (and some) with the finest Japanese club crew, Trekkie Trax. There has been 2 fine compilations and a solo ep release from the most productive member of the crew, Carpainter.


Q&A: DJ Rueckert of Classical Trax

Classical Trax is kind of hard to define and pin down, we release music, but we aren’t a label. We like to call ourselves a community that represents artists on a global scale.


Juakali & Secret Agent Gel – Rule The Night

Back in 2012 we first worked with the Brooklyn transplant and Los Angeles based dancehall artist Juakali on his single ‘Crossin’, which was produced by none other than the luminaries Mumdance & AC Slater. This year Juakali is back with an equally catchy, yet raw and club-like single ‘Rule The Night’, produced by the Nashville based talent Secrect Agent Gel.


Q&A: Juakali

Juakali is a singer and MC from Trinidad and is known primarily for his musical output in the dubstep and dancehall genres in the US. He’s traveled the world performing, collaborating with cutting edge artists and igniting audiences in Tokyo, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, even Mumbai, to name a few spots.


Stick feat. Reija Lee – Triumph

New radio friendly trap music from the Finnish wonder boy featuring vocals by Reija Lee. While club music has mainly been attached to the biggest metropolitans, in the US things started at Chicago and Detroit, and in the UK Manchester and Sheffield had a big role in the development of the club scene before London. […]

For The Hood at Protest

For The Hood / Top Billin Soundsystem

Party news! Top Billin Music takeover at Protest during Tallinn Music Week! Tallinn, the secret party capital of Europe is a Top Billin favourite. We go there often, even live there from time to time. Parties are always the best and that’s why we’re setting up a special event at the legendary hotspot Protest on […]


Top Billin presents Classical Trax

12 tracks of club & bass music from Internets hottest crew. A year ago we got invited to a Facebook group by a friend, who told us that this is the group where ‘new club music lives’. We’re not easily pulled into the latest gimmicks in the net, but you know, magic word ‘club’ got […]

Paul Oja - Gangsta

Paul Oja – Gangsta

Post-apocalyptic trap and bass tracks from the soundtrack of the forthcoming Blade Runner remake. Our Baltic Club golden boy and all-around producer Paul Oja has been busy since his previous Top Billin release, producing beats for vocalists in his native Tallinn, secret party capital of Europe. His previous EP on Top Billin was nominated to […]

Paul Oja - Gangsta video

Video: Paul Oja – Gangsta

Brand new video from our golden boy Paul Oja, directed and produced by Tallinn video maker Marc De Luigi. Paul Oja’s new release ‘Gangsta b/w Scream’ is out now! Gangsta / Scream by Paul Oja