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Shine 2009

SHINE 2009 – HIGHER from SHINE 2009 on Vimeo. Lot’s of interesting things happening in Finland right now. Two weeks ago we had our Plump Bisquit release party and there were two other release parties on the same week (Hannulelauri & Dinosauruxia). Villa Nah release party is next week. Go Finland. Here’s a video from […]

Sweet Thunder

As we got the Philly talk started with the P.I.R. news, here’s some nice Philly low tempo disco from the group Sweet Thunder. Not a huge classic or anything but it’s as nice as ice hockey. Sweet Thunder – Everybody’s Singin’ Love Songs (320K) (mediafire)

P.I.R. set on fire

Philadelphia International Records was set on fire, damn. They don’t know yet how big the damages are. Artists like Teddy Pendergrass (RIP), MFSB, Lou Rawls Patti LaBelle and The Jacksons have recorded on P.I.R.

Plump Bisquit on Sinden’s podcast

As it was said earlier “This is indeed as you say a co-sign!!! Love this and it starts my new Dj mix that will be circulating the web soon!” -SINDEN Plump Bisquit is the opening track on Sinden‘s new podcast on The Kool Kids Podcast Klub series. Check the tracklist and download the mix here. […]

Koro Koro

Here’s some deep NY house from the year 1989. The 12″ is pretty over priced (50€ what what). Nevertheless I’m enjoying the vibe (tribal chants etc) in this one. The tribal/world/african vibe house used to sound way different back then — A little perspective for all of you yougsters up in the blogosphere lol. No […]

Who me?

Time to round-house-kick-start the weekend with this gem from KMD. Classic rap, perfect for fridays. Helsinki people remember to check out our boys Yo! Kuudes Linja Raps 3 years anniversary at Kuudes Linja this saturday. KMD – Who Me? (320K) (mediafire)

Desto EP

Noppa 005 aka Desto EP is out today. Support the man, witness how “Finns do it better” and cop the vinyl or digital e.g. on Juno. Blackdown : “Absolute Noppa!” Joker : “2 words – Goon Music.” Headhunter : “This one been a mainstay in my sets for months now, Noppa providing the usual sickness!” […]

Chief Inspector

Here’s another disco / new wave tune for you to enjoy. If Wally Badarou isn’t familiar to you, let’s put him on the map: Worked with such artists like Grace Jones, Herbie Hancock & Joe Cocker plus he has done some keyboard work for Level 42. Wally Badarou – Chief Inspector (320K) (mediafire)

Månns do it better pics

Here’s some pics from our Månns Do It Better pt.1 night. Exposing young talent, partying your ass off, Team Young Helsinki. Thx Clap Dance and Just Paha guys, I had a lot fun hosting this event. More pics after the jump!

Slang Teacher

This song is a straight up classic and has one of the most disturbing covers of all time. What the hell is going on in there and why is that dude doing some pommel horse moves on the bathtub? Maybe the guy who worked on this one should team up with us for the 2010 […]

I love chicago

Here’s a edit of Eric Miller’s It’s The Groove. Found the original on Dance Mania Presents Future Sounds of Chicago and thought this one needs some modernising. Chicago sound is in the groove again thanks to the names like Azari & III among others. Enjoy the edit. Eric Miller – It’s The Groove (Tane Lee […]

Starpoint & Imagination

Come and get my love – Baresi by Baresi Here’s a cool edit of Starpoint – It’s All Yours by Baresi. You can also find edits of Talking Heads, Sharon Redd and this Imagination gem on his Soundcloud. Dimitri From Paris also had a cool dubbed out version of this song. Imagination – Changes (320K) […]

Good Vibes

Well Christmas season is officially over and 2010 has been around for almost a week. Great things and good vibes. Here’s a lil something from Gary Burton’s Good Vibes LP. Check also Las Vegas Tango from the same LP. Gotta love that vibraphone sound. Gary Burton – Vibrafinger (320K) (mediafire)

NYE pics

Here’s some pics from the End Of Mankind NYE @ Kuudes Linja. The party was great, thanks to the party people, Lahti Round Boys and 2009. Unfortunately I could document only the first two hours before my battery went out.. If yall got any tips and / or cool stuff about Lumix LX-3, please share. […]

Christmas jams #2

Ho ho ho, merry dubsteppy Christmas. Here’s a bit different kind of xmas jingle for your playlist. For some xmas Raps, hit the Anonymous’ blog. Bong – It’s Santa (320K) (mediafire)

Crush on you

This week I went to buy some records at Anonymous‘ crib. Found some damn good vinyl and I wish I’d have had like a million euros with me. Here’s one of them, I’ll be posting some more vinyl rips soon. Fred Falke and Alan Braxe sampled this one on their Running’s Intro song. All you […]

Youth Blood

Jinder‘s Youth Blood EP is out now. The EP includes remixes from Sharkslayer, Rico Tubbs, Bok Bok, 12th Planet & Flinch, Squire Of Gothos and Chateau LaTeuf. It has already rushed to the top spots on the Junodownload’s Bestseller charts. Go and buy it here and download the free Trouble & Bass promo mixtape including […]


It’s getting dark here in Helsinki, not really any sunshine during the day. Fortunately we got starlight. Nice song from a Dutch girl quartet from the year 1982. Also check out the sax in Risque’s Burn It Up, MR D.J.. Risque – Starlight (320K) (mediafire)

Camo Ufos

Thee Mike B is playing tonite in Helsinki (check the info below). Also check out Mike’s new project’s, Camo UFOs’, remixes if you haven’t done that yet.

YGTL Renaissance Man edit

Florence and The Machine’s You Got The Love XX Remix (one of the most hyped songs of Autumn) gets a nice remake by our Finnish brethern, the power duo Renaissance Man. And all this in a quality aiff form, nice. Florence And The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (XX remix) (Renaissance Man edit) (aiff) […]

Nadastrom Music Video

Nadastrom is coming to Helsinki this saturday, slaying the dancefloor with Sharkslayer. Check the video and let the ironpumping madness begin.


Last saturday at Siltanen with Smalltown DJs and Lifesaver party at Kuudes Linja was amazing. Thx Canadian homies. I’ve never seen a vibe like that at Siltanen, pics coming soon. Gavin Watson’s Raving ’89 photo exhibiton is coming to Helsinki so now it’s time to look in to the phuture — A very nice Chicago […]

Once again

Once again it’s time for the perculator, afroperculator that is. This is an anonymous producer edit of the Chicago house classic with some sweet afrofunk flavour (as you can probably tell from the title). Enjoy. VA – Afroperculator (320K) (mediafire)

Rare rap time

I’ve been enjoying Ghostface’s new album which is a light spot in the modern rap game. So I thought to post some really good rap here. buy viagra online legitimate pharmacy This is some nice rare goodness, thanks to Fiskars for the vinyl rip. Nenis also gave thumbs up for this one when we were […]

Monster Mash

Here’s a halloween tune for you, Carter Burwell’s Scream of Love which is a theme song from Psycho III. Even though we don’t celebrate halloween like in the U.S. and every radiostation isn’t blasting Monster Mash. Check this one too to get your freak on. Carter Burwell – Scream of Love (320K) (Mediafire)

Super Sunday

Sunday has been great thanks to last night’s awesome party at Kuudes linja (thanks to everybody who showed up and supported our bball team) and today’s victorious football match. Here’s something that I found when I was going through some Nine 2 Five record crates at the studio. Hopefully it’ll make your Sunday and the […]

The Bass People

I’m starting to recover from last nights horrible football matches and begin to craft my set for the Saturday’s party. From football do bball, big sports week going on. I’m gonna do an old school / hip house set and I came across with this one when going through my records. Mario Diaz And The […]

Radio Rhythm

I’ll be hitting the Basso airwaves at 6 pm (GMT +2) today with the local dj hero Pirkka. Tune in and check out the latest & the greatest plus some classics.

Yacht Rock JKL

Me and Pushups did a quick demo / representing type of trip to Jyväskylä last friday. The afterparty was on a boat and Pushups didn’t get seasick, win. Here’s a house tune from mr yacht rock himself. Thanks to Pirkka for the 12″ vinylrip. Michael McDonald – All We Need (320K) (Mediafire)

Autumn breeze

It’s raining like hell and I’m sitting at school doing a presentation on reflection and refraction, sigh. Moodymann on Gilles Peterson 2007 made my day yesterday and hopefully it’ll work today as well. Here’s some more Moodymann smoothness, get ready for the winter. Fun fact about this 12″: “This is a reissue of KDJ 5. […]

Get yourself together

“Fortunately” not all is digital nowadays, so this is a heads up for all you vinyljunkies out there. Mark E put together a new label called Merc and it’s gonna be a vinyl only type of label. Gots to respect that. Go get the vinyl here and download the file below to preview. Hit me […]

Neccessarry Madness

I’m starting to get into the production game (thanks to Pushups) so here’s a little treat for yall. If you are familiar with the original version, I can assume that you agree with me when I say that this one needed some kick. Fiskars said “that’s a remix yo” but I’m putting it in the […]

The Devil

No horrorcore rappers but horror disco. I missed Bottin‘s gig here in Helsinki, damn, but at least I can enjoy the album till the next time. Also check the Cosmic Balearic Beast Vol 2 compilation. Finland’s very own Roberto Rodriguez and many other great names there. Bottin – Disco For The Devil (192K) (zshare) Get […]

The last summer sessions

Me and Pushups have been enjoying the the last summery days in our local skateparks and we’ve had some really rad seshs. Pushups has been kicking it old school with sum no comply tails and I’ve been mastering some new flat ground trciks (the berrics anyone?). Here’s a skatemovie classic from Shorty’s Fullfill the Dream. […]

Back to school

U-tern made my day with his Lifelike megapost last week and now I’m trying to make this day work. Back to school week sucks but Dcup doesn’t. From Germany to Down Under and from pan flutes to saxophones disco sounds good. Pablo Calamari – I Bought My Wife On The Blackmarket (Dcup Remix) (320K) (zshare)

German Panflute

I’m gonna continue posting great german producers and this time it’s Tensnake’s time to shine. Who knew that germans and panflutes would pair so nicely and sound so good? I’d still like to thank everybody who came to the Helsinki 78-82 record release party last friday. We all had fun and the 78-82 songs, especially […]