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Dj Rolex (aka Bounce Camp) got a new tape out, the man himself describes the mix: “Disco vibes & weird stuff badly mixed”… Intense!!! Dj Rolex – Sextape-mixtape (zShare)

Disco Tuesdays #18

I see a huge edit potential here… Maybe I should have done an extended edit, but I’ve been playin Guitar Hero all day, so the original version will have to do… I’ve only played few times, surprisingly I must say that my favorite song on the drums (from the selection we have here anyways) is […]

New Cocotaxi track!

Our swedish friends Fredrik & Alex from Cocotaxi just sent us their new track, and it’s pretty catchy! I can see this working in the dancefloor. Cocotaxi – Get Up (320K) (Sharebee)


Arkitip, everyones favorite art mag has an equally good blog at Arkitip Intel, one of the few sites I read daily. They just recently posted a mix they put together from Steve Harrington’s 45s called “Bang-Ga-Wrong” – all in all super interesting project, take a listen! Visiting Steven’s own site is also highly recommended. Steven […]

Leroy Burgess megapost

Too classic! Have a good sunday y’all. Caprice – 100% (320K) (zShare) The Fantastic Aleems – Hooked On Your Love (320K) (zShare) Intrigue – Fly Girl (320K) (zShare) Class Action – Weekend (320K) (zShare) Leroy Burgess – Heartbreaker (320K) (zShare)

Beautiful food: Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean Salad chopped smoked pancetta manchego cheese tomatoes cucumber green olives red grapes salad penne pasta olive oil spiced with garlic black pepper Yesterday was a good day. After work I went running, made this beautiful salad and watched “Stripes” with my girlfriend. This is some kind of spanish / italian thingy, so let’s just […]

Disco Tuesdays #17

Not the rarest of records, but still. Such a nice boogie tune. Aurra – You & Me Tonight (320K) (zShare)


Basso Awards = teh win!

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted us in the annual Basso Awards, where we picked up the “Club of the year” award second time in a row. “Dj of the year” award went to Orkidea, who is some kind of huge trance dude, but the silver and bronze medals […]

New Bounce Camp!

Bounce Camp bounces again! I know, there must be zillion remixes of Show Me Love, but anyways… This is pretty useful, take a listen. Bounce Camp – Show Me Love (320K) (zShare)

Browsing the chuuunes

Yessur, it’s Nightrunners time! I’m putting together some kind of playlist for the night, just wanted to share some of the tracks with you… Something old, something new, all fresssh. See you in Redrum! Woolfy – Oh Missy Whatever/Whatever Remix (320K) (zShare) Ilija Rudman – Ocean Colour (320K) (zShare) Contrasts – I Sing (320K) (zShare)

Disco Tuesdays #16

Been feeling this H.A.W.K. tune lately, just gotta post the original… Evelyn “Champagne” King – Love Come Down (320K) (zShare)

Baby, baby, baby, baby

Whoa! So this is the post #400 on our blog… What would be a better way to celebrate it than to hype another one. Dj Ionik is a friend and head honcho of Traveller Records hailing from Turku, and been around forever… He just started a new blog specialising in soul, boogie, funk and well, […]

Disco Tuesdays #15

Another 80s funk number for your enjoyment, this goes hard! “Funk is here, funk is there, look around – funk is everywhere”. Nuff said. Starbound – Party In The City (320K) (zShare) Ps. Talkin’ about 80s funk… I know this is kinda old news, but you should check out this awesome video from Dam Funk […]

Beautiful food: Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings chicken wings flour oil for deep frying 250 g butter tabasco vinegar Dip: 1/2-1 cup blue cheese 1/2 cup mayo 1/2 cup sour cream 1 garlic glove pepper lemon juice parsley Heat a large amount oil in a kettle and roll the chicken wings in flour. After this start deep frying them a […]


Lahest, moi!

Wanted to do a quick post about tonight’s party… If you didn’t know, Flipperi, J-Laini and myself are doing our thing at Redrum tonight as we celebrate the new megamix (really, any reason for celebration seems to be good enough). Here’s a nice uptempo take on classic “Feds In Town” in courtesy of Dj Samppa […]

Disco Tuesdays #14

What a nice random 12″… Does Lady D have any other songs, I don’t even know. Shout out to Sampo who told me to buy this while in Japan. Ne muistot. Lady D – You Got Me Runnin’ (320K) (zShare)

Marie Pierre

Just wanted to share this with you guys, a super nice extended mix of Marie Pierre’s classic “Walk Away”. Ei harmita yhtään. Marie Pierre – Walk Away (extended version) (320K) (zShare)

Disco Tuesdays #13

Inspired by Sampo’s post here, this week’s Disco Tuesday will feature another useful Barna Soundmachine edit. It’s from Barry White’s 1982 tune “Change”, enjoy! Mr. White – Change (Barna Soundmachine remix) (320K) (zShare)

Mike Lawry in the mix

Mike Lawry is a fellow dj specialising in southern rap, and he just recently put together a new delightful mix. Mostly classic dirty south stuff, this comes highly recommended.



What’s up! So it’s wednesday again and time for part 2 of the weekly night in Redrum. Last week’s opening was a blast, thanks to everyone who came out!!!  Tonite we have the creme de la creme of Finnish rappers bringing their legendary street freestyle sessions inside to Redrum. Plus Fiskars from TB-camp who promised to play […]


Hannulelauri this friday!

I’m so stoked about the next Nightrunners party this friday. Our guest act Hannulelauri brings 1000% quality – check out the epic 17 min(!) “Sorcery” and more techy “Night”. It’s like berlin techno and italo disco mixed together, beautiful! Hannulelauri – Sorcery (320K) (Mediafire) Hannulelauri – Night (320K) (Mediafire) Bonus: 4gottenfloor – Erasing You (Hannulelauri […]

Disco Tuesdays #12

I’m back! Thanks to Nenis for the last week’s disco post, keeping the wheels spinning. I wanted to post some italo stuff for a change, so here’s a classic from Ago I just ripped. Some people find the vocals in italo tracks disturbing, so I’ll add the instrumental version as a bonus… Ago – You […]

Uno cerveza, por favor!!

Laptops are funny, I ain’t as bad as Huggs (the man literally takes the mac EVERYWHERE) but still, I can’t remember when was the last time I didn’t touch the machine for a week… Anyways, I’ll be doing a little roadtrip in Andalucia starting tomorrow and not taking the laptop with me, so no posts […]

Disco Tuesdays #10

Just listen to those sounds in the intro, so funky. A superb midtempo jam for my tenth “Disco Tuesdays”. Zenda – The Waiting (320K) (zShare)

Eagle Boston

Eagle Boston is totally cool german/finnish ensemble. Apparently the band was formed while mixing the LCMDF album in the Kaiku studios in Berlin. From what I’ve heard, the girls were late and the dudes just started jamming, and the next thing you know, there’s a new band. They combine elements from kraut, new wave and […]

Disco Tuesdays #9

Easily one of my favorite songs ever. Ain’t this the perfect example of how simple is beautiful: on the track, the guitar part and the bass part are doing the same thing throughout the whole song. According to David Byrne, who wrote the song, many professional musicians would not play a song written in that […]

Mahna Mahna

I recently watched through my UK Office dvds (again), and this first scene of the second season just might my favorite moment in the whole series… Gotta love The Muppets. Who knows, maybe there’s a bmore remix of Mahna Mahna too, but the only Muppet song I got is this bmore club version of the […]

Sevonte Swang

Dj Pump is one of the world famous Eh! Team Djs (holler!), and pretty damn good one too. Check out the new mix on the 80s funk tip, so solid. The guys are also running a nice blog, you might want to peep that one too, loads of quality remixes and mixes for your listening […]

Aserehé, ha da he da…

Maasto is a finnish reggae and dancehall production team, who aim to blend different forms of urban bass music and spread reggae and dancehall to places where they are not normally heard. Here’s a pretty hilarious track from their side project(?), I guess you could throw this to your ethnic set… Husky Puppy – Ketchup […]

Disco Tuesdays #8

Cheri is a female duo from Montreal. I guess their biggest hit was 1982 released “Murphy’s Law”, but I prefer this little jam from the same year… Props to Dj Pirkka, who introduced me to this few years back! Cheri – Star Struck (320K) (zShare)

Beautiful food: Lemon Pasta

Lemon pasta 2 tbsp butter garlic clove lemon peel cayenne pepper 2 dl cream 150 g prosciutto parmesan Melt the butter in a frying pan and throw in the chopped garlic clove. After a minute add the grated lemon peel and some cayenne pepper. Pour in the cream. When it’s hot, throw in sliced prosciutto […]

Sample saturday #7

Now that Sinden’s coming to town, I remembered this little jam… What a sample, a crazy futuristic intro from Toto’s “Takin’ It Back” from their self-titled album, released in 1978. Can you say a classic. Solid Groove & Sinden – Overbooked (320K) (zShare) Toto – Takin’ It Back (320K) (zShare)

Top Billin in NYT

Of course, when I get my face in a newspaper with 500 000 circulation, I look like an old lady in the photo. It’s an article of people behind the nightlife in Helsinki in Nyt-liite (weekly supplement in our biggest subscription newspaper Helsingin Sanomat), check out the readable version here. (in finnish, sorry)


Oh yes, Nightrunners tonight! Nenis, Flipperi, J-Laini and our special guest Tasty T will be doing the record playing thing, so I’m probably gonna be just stumbling around the dance floor with a beer in my hand… Anyways, I wanted to post something suitable for tonight, so here’s the super nice Breakbot remix of Sneaky […]

Golden Cage remix remix

2009 is here, so of course everyone’s talking about the biggest songs in 2008… Let’s face it, Fred Falke’s remix of the Whitest Boy Alive song “Golden Cage” is pretty close to that title – at least in Helsinki. The whole french house thing was big, but this particular track just blew up like nothing […]

Beautiful food: Tuna sandwich

Tuna Sandwich 1 can of tuna 2 tbsp mayonnaise 1 tbsp chopped spring onion 1 tbsp chopped sellery 1 tbsp chopped parsley 1 tbsp lemon juice 4 slices wholemeal bread cheese lettuce pickle Mix the ingredients good and add black pepper. Toast the bread and spread the filling over them. Cover with slices of cheese […]

Disco Tuesdays #7

Heavy boogie sounds on this one. According to (ain’t that the best site in the internet) there’s also a rarer, green label issue of the song with mixes on both sides, but that one I don’t have for sharing… Anyways, take a listen! May Ervin – What Is It (320K) (zShare)