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Disco Tuesdays #26

Nice Nicky Siano production from 1984, pretty hypnotic. Also used in Chow Daddy’s (who ever that is) “Bad Little Kitten”. Felix – Tigerstripes (320K) (zShare)

Good Beat

Feel good song of the year, just in time for the summer. Bounce Camp enlightens his production techniques. Bounce Camp – Good Beat (320K) (zShare)

New Spring Lovers Mix from Komposti Sound!

Finland’s champion sound Komposti delivers a soothing lovers mix fresh for the spring. Nuff cheese and syrup in this one, highly recommended as always. Tracklist after the jump. Let’s Get It On – Komposti Lovers Mix pt Few Mixed by Bommitommi

Devin the dude tonite!

Yes, everyone’s favorite Houston rapper Devin The Dude is back in Helsinki! Last time it’s was pretty much the rap gig of the year, so suommallaiset peeeople don’t miss this. Too bad I have a swine flu or something so it’s a no show for me… Luckily, I can pump this great mix from Anonymous, […]

New York Groove edit

Nice edit of the Ace Frehley classic, Pataässä adds some cosmic vibes to the mix. In shiny wav format: Ace Frehley – New York Groove (Dj Pataässä edit) (zShare)

Disco Tuesdays #24

The B.B.Q. Band got loads of hits, but instead of posting “On The Beat”, here’s maybe a little lesser known number, Shep Pettibone’s take on “Dreamer” with Curtis Hairston on the vocals. The B.B.Q. Band – Dreamer (Shep Pettibone / Long Vocal Version) (320K) (zShare)

Disco Tuesdays #22

Of course Kano have some great italo moments, but here’s a number that would go better to your disco folder: “Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving)” from 1981… The slap bass is pretty intense. Kano – Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving) (320K) (zShare)

In The Valley

New stuff from the Kriton dudes! Or in fact in this case Kriton dude, since In The Valley is actually 1/3 of Kriton Bangers… So epic, check this out! In The Valley: Secrets Of Life And Death (320K) (zShare)

New LUXUX site!

As some of you might know, I also do graphic design – and I’m happy to announce that I finally got my new site together! It’s been a long time coming, go check it out!

Disco Tuesdays #21

Leftfield disco number from 1983, so good! Gang Of Four – Is It Love (Extended dance remix) (320K) (zShare)

Sähkö flyers

And now for some finnish club music history: “The first Finnish illegal raves were organised in the summer of 1989 by the Hyperdelic Housers which core was formed by Mika Vainio (aka D-Code aka Øm aka Ø who had started DJing in clubs in 1985, playing among all industrial and hip hop), Tommi Grönlund and […]

Yo! Nightrunners tonite!

It’s on, featuring the dynamic duo Poika & Hirviö, Dj Anonymous, Sir Nenis (if his train from up north arrives in time) and myself. We also got some Nightrunners tees, ninja come early. Now feast your eyes on these male models here: Not bad!

Waxness tomorrow!

“Waxness” is a new house/nu-disco club from Taneli aka Tane Lee (formely known as Tasty T, gotta say I prefer the new dj name) taking place every other wednesday at Nolla. Real sophisticated and all. Btw, I thought that everyone agreed to leave the “nu-” prefix to the millennium? Anyways, this is gonna be good […]

Disco Tuesdays #20

Wow, Disco Tuesdays #20! To celebrate this achievement, here’s ten timeless boogie favorites. Some obvious cuts I guess, but all quality… Enjoy! Leroy Hutson – Reality (320K) (zShare) Armenta – I Wanna Be With You (320K) (zShare) Cherelle & Alexander O’Neal – Saturday Love (320K) (zShare) Larry Wu – Let Me Show You (320K) (zShare) […]

Disco Tuesdays #19

Whoops it’s wednesday already… Nice to find a remastered cd of this, my LP is totally unrippable. Enjoy! Sunrize – Come And Get My Lovin’ (320K) (zShare)


Dj Rolex (aka Bounce Camp) got a new tape out, the man himself describes the mix: “Disco vibes & weird stuff badly mixed”… Intense!!! Dj Rolex – Sextape-mixtape (zShare)