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I Feel Summer

What s up with all those silly lyrics in 2009? How about this one? One of the biggest tunes this year for sure. But right now i m all about out of context title track from Peaches’ latest album, inna de epic summer vibes fashion. Big thanks to everybody who showed up in Kaivopuisto last […]

CFCF again…

This is spring and there is more hot new 7 inches out there! Young dude from Canada named CFCF, who for some reason hasn’t been featured in our blog before. But I m fixing that now. Here s a great tune for fans of Kate Bush / Chromatics. On flipside you can find a tasty […]


Production. Finland. 2009. Mad.  Here s a piece of highly explosive by Superjohan from Turku, who also seems to be cookin some serious acid. Head over to Myspace, give him a shout and dont look over the “B-side”.  Supersupersuper has a 200 run on 7″. Personally I dont think they gonna last for long. Superjohan – Sex […]

Bejing w/ New Judas & Eero Johannes

Here s a little flashback from our trip to China a week ago with me, Sampo, Ville and Teemu from New Judas and Eero Johannes. As I mentioned my previous post, things work a lil bit different down there. Only thing I really felt familiar with was the right hand traffic. Never the less, we had […]

Shaghai calling pt 1

Greeting from Shanghai… the wildest place in the world – things just seem to be in the whole different order down here. Great food, maddest traffic, highest, biggest and the crazyest places – everything just has to be no 1 here, while you re totally on your own…. Thats why this is the moment to […]

Nightrunners Easter Jam + Minimix

Our newest club night Nightrunners returns this week for a special good friday party at Redrum and joining us will be special guests Poika & Hirviö of School Of Life. HIRVIÖ – MINIMIX FOR NIGHTRUNNERS. All vinyl business! Junior Boys – Birthday [KIN] It’s A Fine Line – Woman (A Makhnovshchina Repossession) [History Clock] Ajello […]

Names? Who came up with the concept anyways…

You ever found yourself lost with names? Producer names in this particular case while living the post information technology era where even your old friend, DJ Google, brings you a big bag of messy search results. Do people mess up their mp3 tags to make tracks harder to download? And what happens to all of […]


Forgot to thank everybody who came down to Pacifique party last weekend. 1500 ravers in an indoor waterpark was quite a spectacle. Nenis was fighting with very mean flu so i got the honour to warm up the pool-side for DJ Alfredo by myself. This guy has seen couple of parties but the experience of […]

Cosmic Mondays #9

Playing with dudes like Downtown & Jaxxon is always great. Not because they re great guys but also because you walk home with brand new top ten ringing in your head. So friday will be all about new music… but still, i was thinking about playing this nice deep techno joint. I remember having this […]


It is true. Renaissance Man aka Downtown and Jaxxon will be playing with us in Redrum this friday, the 13th! One of many reasons behind this is their forthcoming 12″ on Dubsided, including the mighty Sharkslayer remix. How bad is that? Supported by home team quaterbacks J-Laini, Fiskars and me. Facebook event here. Preview the […]

What have i done for you lately

Well… nothing. Apart from 5 minutes of Mafia Wars twice a day, there hasnt been much entertainment, really. Good to see some change on that front – you can catch me tonight at Can t Beat Wednesdays in Redrum alongside with my man J-MF-Laini and Puppa J live on stage, celebrating the release of his […]

75 minutes for Nightrunners by Hannulelauri

Boys are keeping it busy and they just rolled out a lil mix to let you know what to expect this friday at Redrum. This is like finding a cotton candy section at new disco marketplace. 100% vinyl business… Gotta respect that on days like this. Tracklisting: 01. Jens Lekman – Sipping On The Sweet […]

Cosmic Mondays #8

Cosmic Mondays is back from -24C to give some of that interplanetery balance to start your week with. Coyote is a duo from England that i know nothing interesting about. The only thing i can think of it is there seems to be a certain connection between Balearic islands and British tourism. One other thing […]


This track hit us big way back before Top Billin nights kicked off. Mayor of What The Fuck City aka Danass was on one of his rape & pillage missions to Helsinki and happened to have this track on vinyl in his bag – first release on Counterfeet, back then brand new label by Switch […]

Tallinn this weekend

Heat is on! Our fellow DJs right accross the little water – Critical, Paul and Quest are throwing down a party for Simpel Sessions – main skateboarding and BMX contest in Estonia with a lil movie festival and stuff like that. I will be there. Lots of other people will be there too. Raw Bud […]

Cosmic Mondays #7

More Nightrunners edits, por favor. Italo disco with some past weekend early hour cosmic threatment. Original performed by italian disco act Argentina. Nuff said… Argentina – Lets All Dance (Nightrunners “78-82” Edit) (320K) (DivShare)

Cosmic Mondays #6

Weekends are fun. Last one was no exception. Great night with DJ Pataässä on friday that seemed to go on and on. So what’s left of me on saturday ended up just getting drunk with guys while praising our own excellence. Of course we had records to play in between. Party was called Thropical Vybz […]

Cosmic Mondays #5

Thanks to everyone who came down to Redrum last friday. Excellent night. Im having very high expectations for 2009, which is getting closer and closer each day. After this post i m gonna turn off my watch and enter to hibernation mode till Top Billin party on next friday. That’s right. Rip & dine. That […]

Slow, baby…

As I missed my monday this week I thought I’ d give a little upfront snack for those waiting for tomorrow’s Nightrunners season start with a very special guest, Graalin Mal-Jaakko from Imatran Voima – a gentleman who also knows his music. All residents in the house too. And make sure you check out Nightrunners […]

House is ammm….. FEELING?

Before Nightrunners hits Redrum it s time to get all funky, emotional and all that for one more time with some of the good old great. Here s a last minute teaser from my personal all time no 1, a dude called Gerald, taken from his debut album Hot Lemonade…. that was 1988. That is […]

Cosmic Mondays #4

This one is specially for all of you who spent the 5 day weekend with complete dedication and unshared attention to celebrate our local independence day. Thank you veterans! Force Of Nature – Traderoute (Long Version) (DivShare)

Cosmic Mondays #3

I’ve been getting questions about this one after gigs so many times that i decided to make this available for you all. Its a bootleg version of Mr Finders’ statue right in the beginning of House Music avenue. Few more words and id be telling you what Eiffel tower looks like. Usually i dont care […]


The man himself, Lil Tony, responsible for a lot of good things here in Helsinki (including clubs we run our nights at – Redrum and Kuudes Linja) recently broke one of DJ Harvey's three golden rules and ended up having his records nicked from his car. At the same topic he brou ght up an […]

Photos from Olso

Last thursday we went to Oslo with Nenis to spin some music at Good Life party with Chris Stallion and Patski Love. Both of them were great guys and very good djs. We also ended up tasting one of the best pizzas in europe and wondering why south americans still dominate Miss World exhibitons. If […]

Cosmic Mondays #1

While autumn storms are tearing down the whole city of Helsinki, im sitting here, still hang over after Prins Thomas showed up in Redrum last saturday and trying to find another good reason to avoid my daily duties…. So this seems like a good moment for me to start my Cosmic/Comic Mondays here at Top […]