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Things that dreams are made of

How cool is this dude right here? Dont click the picture but this link (also available as mp3). Im a big fan of the original and this video brings it to another level. Directed by Ace Norton. Great work!

Team Young Espoo

This dude is 16 years old. That is two more years before he starts getting into clubs. Gets a big thumb from Top Billin team. And maybe a fake ID too. Pasadenas – New Love (Funkhameleon First Love Remix) (direct link)


Thank you 2009

As the year is coming to an end, it’s time to do what most bloggers do aka. make the ‘best of the year’ lists. Here’s some tunes from each of us, not necessarily in any particular order, just tunes that we’re strongly on our playlists (there were MANY others). It has been a great year […]

Chrismas Jams #7

I love Benny Sings. Somehow he manages get most of his folk in instant classic format. Here is a cover he did couple of years ago with Clara Hill. Song was originally written by Kenny Loggins for his christmas album. Michael McDonald made a version too. For his christmas album, of course. Have a merry […]


This has got to be the all-time no 1 christmas hit for almost every dj out there. If these guys would have only known how big they gonna go with this, they would have propably put a little more effort on the cover. Each christmas, is it a mall or a bar, there s somebody […]

White Light 16 - Helsinki 78-82

Helsinki 78-82 “White Light Mix XVI”

This one comes with a little delay… i was hoping to make a megapost with the brand new video that is still waiting for the final touch. Our friend Neoteric asked us to do a mixtape for the White Light mixtape series. So here it comes as 16 in the series, with some familiar names […]

DJ Dealer

What can a man say about DJ Dealer except his bassline and vocal arrangements are second to none. How can something so plastic be so good. So playing this tonite. Note to self, do not read bio. DJ Dealer – Whatcha Gonna Do (Top Billin comedy jams edit) (320K) (Zshare)

Semi Pros / AlKo Season opening

Alppilan Koris is the name of our basketball team. Season started last saturday and we’re celebrating it tomorrow. Everybody come, bring your playa moves, support your local heros and show your home team some love. Everything from hiphop to house music and most definetly these two dubstep tunes. Mark Pritchard & Keith Om’mas – Wind […]

Weird cassettes

CFCF is back, Memory Cassette is on fire right now with their dream pop and there s some limited edition vinyls for those who are worried about pension funds. Weird Tapes blog keeps you posted. And today i’m fine… Weird Cassette – Last One Awake (CFCF Version) (320K) (MediaFire)


Cosmic Mondays #11

Wanted to say thanks everybody who came down to Redrum last friday. Had an excellent night full of some crazy disco stuff. Thanks to that my monday felt pretty cosmic too. I also managed to loose my jacket. Twice. Some pretty cosmic shit… Next Helsinki 78-82 DJ-set will be at the Lifelike night. Same spot, […]


I m packing my records and ready to go to Kallio where we have our Music People night in Siltanen. Yes, records cause this place is strictly vinyl. But it suits me cause i still buy vinyl. In the end of the day that IS the best way to make sure you ll get the […]

Tele Music

Good old just put out a remix album by bunch of interesting names. Read the story about originals here. My picks are these spaced out takes by Peter Herbert and Leo Zero (this one i had to trim a little for the last set). Also available on vinyl! Make sure you check out exclusive Secret Weapons series at […]

Lullaby For Robert

Midsummer is a big thing in most of the countries by the Baltic Sea. And it s a beautiful thing (not counting those ones who end up in bad statistics over estimating their swimming skills… or something), once you spend it here you ll get it. Everyone’s gone to countryside. Only few taxis pass my […]


Cosmic Mondays #10

Weekend is over. “Mapa” finished. All the paperwork seems to be in order. Time to lay back for a short moment and start planning the next episode. Jon Hopkins – Light Through The Veins (320K) (MediaFire)

I Feel Summer

What s up with all those silly lyrics in 2009? How about this one? One of the biggest tunes this year for sure. But right now i m all about out of context title track from Peaches’ latest album, inna de epic summer vibes fashion. Big thanks to everybody who showed up in Kaivopuisto last […]