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Sharkslayer Australia tour in pictures

This winter I had the opportunity to embark on an Australian tour, this being the fourth time to do so. It was all amazing again, Australia is a great country with great people, great clubs, food, the ocean. Ended up staying little longer than expected and just got back home. I want to say thanks […]


ON TOUR: Sharkslayer in Australia

Sharkslayer will be hitting Australia for a tour starting 14th of September. Here’s some additional info on the Sydney’s Chinese Laundry gig (dopest club there hands down). Be There.

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Nightrunners tour has officially kicked off

Our 16 year old wunderkind Lenno smashing with his live set to an audience on mainly girls only on the Nightrunners tour. Koobra dropping his hits on the Nightrunners tour in Tampere. We’re celebrating the official launch of our second label, titled Nightrunners. If you have been following closely or at least a little, you […]

2010-07-30 31

Viva Nights in St. Petersburg

Was just crazy…. Thanks party people! Big up also to Ruslan, Fedor, Chickenshit Clan boys, Maria and that 7feet girl at the backstage and anyone who danced. Photos after the jump…


Hey New York Friends!

Get your dancing ass to The Rub at Southpaw tonite as DJ Anonymous of Top Billin fam is doing a guest set there. Good vibrations guaranteed. Shouts to Cosmo, Ayres, Eleven. AND check Cosmo’s new mix. It’s wonderful.

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Koivuniemen Paula

TOP BILLIN at BÖRS, TURKU from Top Billin on Vimeo. You need to be Finnish to understand the little joke hidden in this. The party itself was dope.


Singapore & Bali recap

Hopped on a plane again last week with Flipper and headed to Singapore & Bali, a quick in and out and some fun gigs + laughs. Singapore is amazing and everybody is really friendly, will definitely want to stay there longer next time as the city is one wild melting pot of many nationalities and […]

kiss villa

Bon Bon Vie

Life is pretty awesome here in Bali. More pics and video to follow from the Asian excursion. MP3 Kevie Kev – Waterbed (All Night Long) (320K) (Mediafire)

Red In My Head_Poster

Singapore – > Bali

The world tour continues, this week we’ll be leaving for a pop-up party in Singapore and for some island partying at Bali. Just on time for the F1 grand prix… Here’s a special one for the smooth dancefloors. MP3 SWV – I’m So Into You (Allstar’s Drop Check Dance Mix) (320K) (Mediafire)


Some memories from OZ

The Sharkslayer Australia Tour 2010 aka Heaps Of Fun -tour is over and we’re back home. Jetlag is a bitch but who cares, I slept 24h yesterday, which is about the same amount I slept in total during this tour. Thanks everybody, it was a pleasure, you know who you are! Be in touch homies… […]


Couple of goodies

That get love by us frequently. We just finished an on-the-road remix for Kill The Noise and will begin to work on one remix for Malente’s up-and-coming new label. The tour continues, today we’re off to Adelaide, the back to Sydney for a show at Candy’s apartment and so on… And hey Graeme, the Count […]



A day off from the Sharkslayer tour, finally some rest and food and a bath. The sleep deprivation was getting to me. Took a walk to to pier to catch some starfish (slimey) and get a coffee with the seagulls, bought a book. Pretty rainy and wintery down here I tell you. Anyway… Here’s some […]


Keep on hunting.

Greetings from Melbourne, the Sharkslayer Australia takeover continues. We’ve had some crazy weird (and awesome) action here, from horse races to club fun. The Monastery at Brisbane was dope, so was the Academy at Canberra, and the Espy of course in Melbourne. Everybody’s been mad friendly and people really love music. We’re also happy that […]


Heaps of everythings.

Heaps. That’s what Australian say when they mean a lot. Been hearing that over and over which is kool. The Sharkslayer tour continues, today we’re in Canberra, Australia’s capital (would not believe it), in the smoothest hotel we’ve seen so far, 5 stars is how we do it. Last night we had a blast at […]

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The hunt continues

SHARKSLAYER @ CHINESE LAUNDRY, SYDNEY from Top Billin on Vimeo. Hello from the Sharkslayer Australian tour aka the land of no internet tour (I’m writing this at a local Mickey D’s at 7am and watching all the creatures of the night who have crawled out for breakfast… meth is one dangerous drug so kids remember […]