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Pictures, the most universally understood language.

Viva Nights in St. Petersburg

Was just crazy…. Thanks party people! Big up also to Ruslan, Fedor, Chickenshit Clan boys, Maria and that 7feet girl at the backstage and anyone who danced. Photos after the jump…

Pics from Hitto last friday

For those who dont know Hitto is a montly club night in Turku. Its one of the best in whole country. Every single time they have a proper thing going down and every single time im making it from the after party straight to breakfast. Doesn’t happen as often as it used to do, u […]

Kid Sister at Tavastia pictures

We had a blast last weekend with Melisa Kid Sister & Willy Joy when they stopped by in Helsinki during the Kid Sister European tour. They also killed it and burned down the house, see some pics and video from the show after the jump.

Singapore & Bali recap

Hopped on a plane again last week with Flipper and headed to Singapore & Bali, a quick in and out and some fun gigs + laughs. Singapore is amazing and everybody is really friendly, will definitely want to stay there longer next time as the city is one wild melting pot of many nationalities and […]

Some memories from OZ

The Sharkslayer Australia Tour 2010 aka Heaps Of Fun -tour is over and we’re back home. Jetlag is a bitch but who cares, I slept 24h yesterday, which is about the same amount I slept in total during this tour. Thanks everybody, it was a pleasure, you know who you are! Be in touch homies… […]

Keep on hunting.

Greetings from Melbourne, the Sharkslayer Australia takeover continues. We’ve had some crazy weird (and awesome) action here, from horse races to club fun. The Monastery at Brisbane was dope, so was the Academy at Canberra, and the Espy of course in Melbourne. Everybody’s been mad friendly and people really love music. We’re also happy that […]

Heaps of everythings.

Heaps. That’s what Australian say when they mean a lot. Been hearing that over and over which is kool. The Sharkslayer tour continues, today we’re in Canberra, Australia’s capital (would not believe it), in the smoothest hotel we’ve seen so far, 5 stars is how we do it. Last night we had a blast at […]

Death Car Cruisin’ with Drop The Lime

We had an amazing weekend with Drop The Lime, who is one of the coolest dudes ever. We salute you. View some of photos of the Death Car pick up and a visit to the castle island’s ancient prison after the jump. Party pics + videos coming soon.

Paris pix

Party pix from our last trip to Paris / Nouveau Casino can be seen here. Can you spot Mumdance?

Månns do it better pics

Here’s some pics from our Månns Do It Better pt.1 night. Exposing young talent, partying your ass off, Team Young Helsinki. Thx Clap Dance and Just Paha guys, I had a lot fun hosting this event. More pics after the jump!

NYE pics

Here’s some pics from the End Of Mankind NYE @ Kuudes Linja. The party was great, thanks to the party people, Lahti Round Boys and 2009. Unfortunately I could document only the first two hours before my battery went out.. If yall got any tips and / or cool stuff about Lumix LX-3, please share. […]

Canada Recap

Top Billin’ Live at Scratch – Saskatoon from Tristan Becker on Vimeo. Here’s a little something from that two weeks trip in Canada… From the bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver to smaller places like Saskatoon and Fernie, the whole tour was pretty amazing, thanks to all the promoters and party people for showing us […]

Pics from Nouveau Casino / Paris

We went last week to Paris to play with our extended French family, the Bootycall crew. Dope party at the Nouveau Casino with them + Nic Sarno + Booty Ben. Some pics apres le jump.

Mussels & fries

One of my favourite Belgian dishes, made correctly with white wine and other ingredients, it’s a gift from heaven… Here’s some pics from our last gig in Brussels and a free tune (file under rapdance) from the local dj/promoter/kool guy, Dave Luxe. Shouts to Parisian hero Kesmo and Brussels bad boy Kwistax who played at […]

Cruising video shoot

No, not like Al Pacino as Burns, but the video for Helsinki 78-82’s ‘Cruising’, here’s some stills Miika took from the shoot. Video is directed by him as well.. Listen to the tune and simple, cruise on. Guaranteed to make you miss summer. Yet another great Saksi / Top Billin production..

Australia #1

So after 40h trip with a pitstop in Frankfurt, we made it down here in one piece. Had a gig at Late Notice in Sydney the first night, made a quick stop in Melbourne’s Wow Club the next day and met some very nice people on the way (how come the only one who didn’t […]

Polski greatness

From last weekend in Warsaw, Poland. Once again a great trip, got also asked many times what we think of Polish girls. What kind of question is that? And were told that dubstep doesn’t work in Warsaw, which is completely untrue. Big up our guys Jick Magger & DJ Invent.

Top Billin UK visit

Jussi and I visited Southampton and Manchester last weekend, just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone we met, you the best… Of course first and foremost to Stephen who made it happen and gave me a roof over my head when we fucked up my flight. Iso moro our finnish clique Tommi, […]

Bejing w/ New Judas & Eero Johannes

Here s a little flashback from our trip to China a week ago with me, Sampo, Ville and Teemu from New Judas and Eero Johannes. As I mentioned my previous post, things work a lil bit different down there. Only thing I really felt familiar with was the right hand traffic. Never the less, we had […]

Shaghai calling pt 1

Greeting from Shanghai… the wildest place in the world – things just seem to be in the whole different order down here. Great food, maddest traffic, highest, biggest and the crazyest places – everything just has to be no 1 here, while you re totally on your own…. Thats why this is the moment to […]

Hitto, Turku

We had a crazy weekend in Turku, partied for 2 days, met amazing guys & girls, met a friend of Pete and Mike of the Smalltown fame and generally enjoyed ourselves at the Hitto 2 Years celebration. First up on Friday we went hard as Sharkslayer with Pushups and on Saturday, Flipper joined us to […]

Lahest, moi!

Wanted to do a quick post about tonight’s party… If you didn’t know, Flipperi, J-Laini and myself are doing our thing at Redrum tonight as we celebrate the new megamix (really, any reason for celebration seems to be good enough). Here’s a nice uptempo take on classic “Feds In Town” in courtesy of Dj Samppa […]

Couple of pics from Tavastia club

Few pics from last weekends party at Tavastia club. Place was on fire and video can be found here. Thanks to Tuomo for the pics once again, see some after the jump.

Emynd & Dirty South Joe party

Phew, last weekend was a lot of fun… We had the last Kovalevy party ever on friday and on saturday we played with Emynd & Bo Bliz, huge thanks to everyone who came out! See some pics from my memory card after the jump…

Photos from Olso

Last thursday we went to Oslo with Nenis to spin some music at Good Life party with Chris Stallion and Patski Love. Both of them were great guys and very good djs. We also ended up tasting one of the best pizzas in europe and wondering why south americans still dominate Miss World exhibitons. If […]

New York Story

Just came back from a week long trip to the States. First we enjoyed some election mayhem in Delaware with my girl, then represented Top Billin at the Famous Friends party in New York with J-Laini, which was off the hizzle!! Huge thanks to Brad, Clarissa, Damon, Beth, Ruth, Aaron, Kurt (see you in January!), […]