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Moston & Mono music video

About making of the video

Only light used in the video is from a video projector. To be more specific, it is real time audio reactive visuals that we are talking about. Basically this means that when the song is playing, computer listens to the music and puts out visuals that reacted to different frequencies. Real time synchronization is everything – After Effects is yesterday!

The code

If you wanna make your own video or visuals like this, read about audio reactive programming with Quartz Composer and download Can’t Stop video codes from the link below and get it done.

You need is a Mac with OS X 10.6 with Quartz Composer. This comes with every Mac, but needs to be installed separately from the OS X disk. Read more about it here. You will also need Kineme´s Gl Tools and Structure Tools. See the same site for further instructions.

Now you are set to play around with the code. If you want the code to react to music that you play from your computer, get Soundflower.

Download the code

The easiest way to use the code, is to draw audio reactive lines and dots with your mouse. Just select the frequency you want them to react to and start drawing. Might be most fun to use a projector and draw on some real life shapes. Now draw on someone’s tits for example.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

Video credits

Aku Meriläinen is a VJ, who has been playing with audio reactive visual. This is his first attempt to make a music video with real time visuals.

Flatlight Films is a production company from Finland who are a bunch of talented guys always pushing the limits of video art.

Download Top Billin iTunes Visualizer

Aku also sent us this cool little bonus.

Download the Top Billin iTunes visualizer from here.
Sorry, Mac OSX only. Tested on a fairly new Mac with OS X version 10.6. (Snow Leopard).

Open the file to install the visualizer, restart iTunes and you will find a new fancy visualizer from View -> Visualizer -> Top Billin.