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South africa go

1-1 is good enough, congratulations to all african nations for these games. Currently I’m reading a book on Biafra (not Jello Biafra, but the short-lived African nation from 1960’s) so it’s good to watch the games and think of how things in Africa have been and still are. On Biafra in a nutshell: The Republic […]

Hand Clap Low Conga going down tonite

Alarma! Hand Clap Low Conga will got down tonite at Kuudes Linja. Looking forward to tonight, the night is always great fund and we’ve been busy getting tracks all over the world. Interested to see how different things will work (so far reception to all kinds of styles has been exceptionally great). See you there. […]


Hand Clap Low Conga!

It’s on again! Best of electronic really around the world, spending time on Zimbabwean house forums is a tough job! DJ Killer vs DJ Murder – Pretorian Dance (192K) (Sharebee) Sorry for the low bitrate, but some tracks are not available for sale as full quality files. Gotta love the dj names tho and if […]