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Q&A: Hydraulix

Knowledge is power. We just dropped our new release ‘Motivation 808’, which was compiled by Nenis AND this guy Hydraulix, after meeting up collabo was definitely the thing. He’s a friend of ours, he knows his bass music and here is our Q&A with him. Get to know the man, the compilation is dope as […]


Sharkslayer Australia tour in pictures

This winter I had the opportunity to embark on an Australian tour, this being the fourth time to do so. It was all amazing again, Australia is a great country with great people, great clubs, food, the ocean. buy prednisone without prescription Ended up staying little longer than expected and just got back home. I […]


Interview: Sharkslayer for Stoney Roads

Sharkslayer interview for Stoney Roads: “The refreshingly honest Sharkslayer drops by Stoney Roads as he stalks his way across Australia on tour. – Stoney Roads Read the interview here.


ON TOUR: Sharkslayer in Australia

Sharkslayer will be hitting Australia for a tour starting 14th of September. Here’s some additional info on the Sydney’s Chinese Laundry gig (dopest club there hands down). Be There.


MP3: Spenda C remix of Bingo Players = winner

Pretty damn good rework of Bingo Players massive tune ‘Rattle’ by Australias Top Billin fam member Spenda C. Spenda has a track with Blaze Tripp on our brand new ‘Moomba World’ compilation, remember to check it out: Short and simple: PUT YO DRINKS IN THE AIR. We did last night judging by the Serato playlist…..


Free Moombahton remix by Edo & Gilsun

(its’ pretty wintery, watch some pics of girls inna bikini) Swick & Tranter – Send It (Edo and Gilsun Remix) by Edo and Gilsun “Our buddies Swick & Tranter recentley released the ‘House of Fumb’ EP on Top Billin and it’s a release that’s well worth checking out. We’ve remixed the track ‘Send It’ and […]


OUT NOW: Swick & Tranter – House Of Fumb EP

2 guys, lot of catchy rhythms, dope basslines and a bit of comedy. That’s how Swick & Tranter do it. We had the pleasure to release Swick’s ‘Flick It Up EP’ earlier this year and now Swick is back with his homie from the hood, Tranter. Mixing elements from tropical bass, UK Funky and tech […]


Exclusive remix from The Mane Thing

HOLD ON – TMT MOOMBAHCORE EDIT by The Mane Thing Our Australian cowboys The Mane Thing are back with a dope remix. Their ep previosly out on Top Billin was a smasher and described by DJ Mag as ‘something that Diplo would produce’. So get that if you didn’t do it yet. And as a […]

New Them Jeans remix of OZ greats

Going hard with house music vibes now…. Just got this from Jason Them Jeans. A remix for Australia’s finest, Wax Motif (‘Springer‘ anyone?) and Anna Lunoe. Dope as hell, grab it, classic vibes is what we need for summer. MP3 Anna Lunoe & Wax Motif – Love Ting (Them Jeans Remix) (320K) (

The Mane Thing mixtape

The Mane Thing 'Get Paid' Promo Mix by The Mane Thing Tracklisting: Babe Ruth – The Mane Thing Gabryelle Refix – D Malice The Bail Out – The Living Graham Bond Crave – The Mane Thing Euh! – Dooze Jackers & Wes De Graaf Get P aid – The Mane Thing War (NROTB Remix) – […]


Get with The Mane Thing

THE MANE THING – GET PAID EP World Of Warcraft Gold Secrets…highest 75% Payout! by TOP BILLIN Hey, meet The Mane Thing. You may remember their dope 'Get Paid' track that was featured on our 'World Gone Club vol. 1' compilation late last year. Now were stoked to inform you that here's a full release […]


Lucid Dream

LUCID – DREAM EP by TOP BILLIN Another preview for your pleasure. We will start 2011 with a bang so here’s 4 club killers from Australia’s finest, Lucid. Dropping in January. A lucid dream, in simplest terms, is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreamin.


ADAM Bozzetto Distro Nox Ep Out Now

Artist: Adam Bozzetto Title: Distro Nox EP Tracklisting: Getaway – (05:44) I Want To Be With Two – (05:48) Got To Have – (04:50) Let’s See What – (04:17) MP3 Adam Bozzetto – Distro Nox EP teaser (128K) (Mediafire) Wowowow, more ore great music, this time from our Australian brother, Adam Bozzetto. We had a […]


Adam Bozzetto – Distro Nox EP

Announcing some more great music, this time from our Australian brother, Adam Bozzetto. Ever since this was agreed, there has been such a demand for his tune ‘I Want To Be With Two’. He’s makes amazing high powered disco house and works for Heaps Decent in Australia, great dude. Promos are leaving soon! And hey, […]


Some memories from OZ

The Sharkslayer Australia Tour 2010 aka Heaps Of Fun -tour is over and we’re back home. Jetlag is a bitch but who cares, I slept 24h yesterday, which is about the same amount I slept in total during this tour. Thanks everybody, it was a pleasure, you know who you are! Be in touch homies… […]


Keep on hunting.

Greetings from Melbourne, the Sharkslayer Australia takeover continues. We’ve had some crazy weird (and awesome) action here, from horse races to club fun. The Monastery at Brisbane was dope, so was the Academy at Canberra, and the Espy of course in Melbourne. Everybody’s been mad friendly and people really love music. We’re also happy that […]


Heaps of everythings.

Heaps. That’s what Australian say when they mean a lot. Been hearing that over and over which is kool. The Sharkslayer tour continues, today we’re in Canberra, Australia’s capital (would not believe it), in the smoothest hotel we’ve seen so far, 5 stars is how we do it. Last night we had a blast at […]


Greetings from Australia

Hey, what’s up? We left with DJ Pushups to the Sharkslayer Australian / New Zealand tour on Tuesday, made a 25 hours travelling but finally arrived to Perth 02:00 at night. Looks like a pretty decent place, we’ll update some nice footage and tour stories as we get everything in order here. Nights: +6 degrees. […]


Neoteric x Sharkslayer x Beataucue “Australia Tour Mix 2010”

Hey friend, we’re leaving for the Sharkslayer Australian tour today. Touring with us there will be such great guys as Neoteric, Mightyfools, Beataucue plus some others. To celebrate this Oceanic takeover, we made a tour mix with Neoteric and Beataucue. Download that below and check the blog for the tour diary during the next couple […]


Hey yo, meet One Nil, he’s from Australia and makes dope tunes. I first heard of him with his dope track ‘Congo Static’ that appeared on DJ Neoteric’s ‘Turned On’ -compilation earlier this year. That track is a banger and here’s also One Nil’s latest mix full of techy club goodness. Check tracklisting / hear […]

Back to school

U-tern made my day with his Lifelike megapost last week and now I’m trying to make this day work. Back to school week sucks but Dcup doesn’t. From Germany to Down Under and from pan flutes to saxophones disco sounds good. Pablo Calamari – I Bought My Wife On The Blackmarket (Dcup Remix) (320K) (zshare)

Australia #2

Here are few more shots from our trip to Australia couple of weeks ago. Met some great peoples and had some big bunch of fun. I was amazed that they don’t seem to have much of a black music scene down there, but then again when it came to what we ve used to file […]


Australia #1

So after 40h trip with a pitstop in Frankfurt, we made it down here in one piece. Had a gig at Late Notice in Sydney the first night, made a quick stop in Melbourne’s Wow Club the next day and met some very nice people on the way (how come the only one who didn’t […]