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Greetings from Australia

Hey, what’s up? We left with DJ Pushups to the Sharkslayer Australian / New Zealand tour on Tuesday, made a 25 hours travelling but finally arrived to Perth 02:00 at night. Looks like a pretty decent place, we’ll update some nice footage and tour stories as we get everything in order here. Nights: +6 degrees. […]


Damn Funky

6.8.2010 Dam Funk live w/ Top Billin at Kuudes Linja. Keep the date in mind.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 18.35.42

Boogie all night long

TOP BILLIN @ Club Colors, Sweden from Top Billin on Vimeo. Had to say that last night at Club Colors in Gothenburg was one of the funnest gigs in a long time. Colors is dope, boogie, disco, rap & good club music rules the night (we did drop some dubstep hits in the last half […]

Internet is over

From Prince: Prince has said he thinks the era of the internet is already over. In an interview with The Daily Mirror, the singer said his stance on technology is the main reason why his new album ’20Ten’ will not be available for download online. “The internet’s completely over,” he explained. “I don’t see why […]

Sample Saturdays

As Barry White and Mary J Blige are both awesome artists, this original to Mary J’s 1994 jam is great to have. Kill it at the BBQ. MP3 Barry White – It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me (320K) (Mediafire)

No night

There’s practically no night here now that the day is longest, difficult to go to bed when it’s light everywhere. Parties during summer are also funny, it’s light when you both enter and exit the club. MP3 Dolos – Night To Right (320K) (Mediafire)

So Active

I’ve done pretty much nothing else today but watch football. But you’ll enjoy the hell out of this on Monday, it’s one of those jams where you actually love the electric guitar part. Btw, check new release going live soon…. MP3 Active Force – Give Me Your Love (320K) (Mediafire)

Mia Bocca (dub)

This Sunday is once again all about Prince and you can just hear his prod on this little gem. Once again one of those dub versions that are really dope and not to be missed. Jill Jones – Mia Bocca (dub version) (320K) (Mediafire)

Skip to my lou

There hasn’t been enough disco 12″ rips on the blog recentlly, so here’s a very nice classic from Finis Henderson. Skip to my lou is produced by Al McKay, a former Earth, Wind and Fire guy. The 12″ rip is from a Motown DJ promo copy from -83, which has The Temptations’ Surface Thrills (a […]

Hold Tight

There was an Italian dude with a version of this on Cheaper Thrills and then there’s Change from 1981 who really make this feeling stay. You should pick up these soulful gems, it’s funny when I peep at downloads all the duurruuururrr stuff is downloaded 3 times more than these classics from way back when…. […]

I found

After missed flights, lost laptops and headphones and forgetting my dentist appointment, this song is the thing that can bring me back… phew. I find no need to explain this further. The Fatback Band – I Found Lovin’ (320K) (Mediafire)



While Helsinki 78-82 have been remixing Kid Sister’s ‘Daydreaming’, I’ve been taking magic carpet rides with this Prince related Morris Day disco gem. Prince related? Day used to be in The Time and you can still hear Prince oozing all over the place. Morris Day – Daydreaming (12″ mix) (320K) (Mediafire)

Flight School vol 2

“By the power of jheri curl juice, Sparkle Motion (DJ Yoda & TOBE$) are back with more synthesized fire to take you higher and higher! After the phenomenal success of Vol. 1, step on board for another hour of 80s R&B breaks – no vocals, just uptempo boogie bangers and slow jam burners for you […]


Definitely something to drop when playing with DJ Mehdi. Produced by Rick Tarbox, hence the name. Such an awesome 80’s monster. Starbox – Real Thing (320K) (Zshare)

Euro capital

Brussels that is. Top Billin @ Regulate tonight in Brussels. I took off from Hannover in the morning with 2 hours of sleep, somehow managed to end up in Amsterdam and now finally got to Brussels. Left headphones to the train. Will so bang it out tonite to get rid of the disappointment in myself. […]

Brighter Tomorrow

you know you always wonder where they get their costumes and all of a sudden it’s all clear Because of all the adversity today, rain, and milk on the table, I’m declaring today a ‘Brighter Tomorrow’ day. This goes out to my buddy Pushups. Big up yourself. Meteors! Tom Browne – Brighter Tomorrow (320K) (Zshare) […]

White Girl Boogie

My buddy Eric is keeping the boogie alive with his label in the west coast, check out their newest release and support support. Recommended.


As we’re going away this weekend, I’ll hit this one off already, been a while aNYway… No explanation needed as the Armand/A-Trak tune is the biggest jam of the summer. Enjoy whatever you’re up to this weekend. Final Edition – I Can Do It (Anyway You Want It) (320K) (Zshare)

Disco Tuesdays #24

The B.B.Q. Band got loads of hits, but instead of posting “On The Beat”, here’s maybe a little lesser known number, Shep Pettibone’s take on “Dreamer” with Curtis Hairston on the vocals. The B.B.Q. Band – Dreamer (Shep Pettibone / Long Vocal Version) (320K) (zShare)

Nile Rodgers

I don’t really have much to say about Nile Rodgers, his band Chic and his work with artists such as Grace Jones, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, and numerous others speak for itself. This feelgood spring tune is from his 1983 album, ‘Adventures In The Land Of Good Groove’. The day is kinda summery today, as […]

Redrum tomorrow!

Tomorrow is party day again as we have the April edition of Top Billin at redrum again. Guest dj this time will be no other than Eli Escobar. He litterally tore the roof off on his last visit, so get down, arrive early, party hard and leave late. We make it everything seem like it […]

Say My Name

Nothing special, but you all need to have this version. Say my name… Happy easter! Raze – Break 4 Love (Caught In The Act mix) (320K) (Zshare)

Disco Tuesdays #20

Wow, Disco Tuesdays #20! To celebrate this achievement, here’s ten timeless boogie favorites. Some obvious cuts I guess, but all quality… Enjoy! Leroy Hutson – Reality (320K) (zShare) Armenta – I Wanna Be With You (320K) (zShare) Cherelle & Alexander O’Neal – Saturday Love (320K) (zShare) Larry Wu – Let Me Show You (320K) (zShare) […]


O’bryan got it tenderoni in 1986 and Chromeo is my favourite band. This one is produced by the Soul Train impresario Don Cornelius. O’bryan – Tenderoni (320K) (Zshare) Ask U-Tern to re-up this

Disco Tuesdays #18

I see a huge edit potential here… Maybe I should have done an extended edit, but I’ve been playin Guitar Hero all day, so the original version will have to do… I’ve only played few times, surprisingly I must say that my favorite song on the drums (from the selection we have here anyways) is […]

Leroy Burgess megapost

Too classic! Have a good sunday y’all. Caprice – 100% (320K) (zShare) The Fantastic Aleems – Hooked On Your Love (320K) (zShare) Intrigue – Fly Girl (320K) (zShare) Class Action – Weekend (320K) (zShare) Leroy Burgess – Heartbreaker (320K) (zShare)

Alexander O’Neal

When thinking about boogie, 80’s is where it’s at for me. I’m sure everybody remembers this beauty, and what always hits the spot is ‘Never Knew Love Like This’ from Alexander O’Neal & Cherelle. It has that likkle bit cheesy atmosphere, but avoids that with it’s true soul feel. Alexander O’Neal was supposed to the lead […]

Flight School

“Sparkle Motion are club AV pioneer DJ Yoda and 80s R&B connoisseur/ music editor TOBES. They got together and plucked out selection of their favorite 80s R&B breaks – no vocals, just an hour of raw 80s beats for the jacuzzi, the private jet, or the boom boom room.” Sparkle Motion – Flight School vol. […]

Sample Saturday # 10

I’v been again into this lately. I read the other day U-Tern’s opinion that sample spotting is a cliche, roughly 10 years late. You’re wrong Waughn, as an idea of course it’s not fresh, but since people got over the scare of sampling (you know what, I think we’re not going to jail for this), […]

Boogie Francaise

Why are all fragrances always named with such words as obsession, seduction, passion and so on? They need to be sensual I guess and I touch myself. Here’s some sensual boogie for you from Paris by parisian DJ Guy Cuevas, recorded in 1982. Guy was a dj at the ‘Palace’ in Paris and this fine […]


Michael Jonzun was the producer for bands like The Jonzun Crew (obviously) and The Future and discovered New Edition, but he managed to make some (electro)funk on his solo career. His brother Maurice then again was the mastermind behind New Kids On The Block and Michael contributed to their early tracks too. Here’s a cut […]

Last Solid Gold

Solid Gold was the fountain of boogie and soul here, but now like all good things come to an end, the closing party will be held tomorrow at Redrum. We’ve had some great times, both playing and just partying there with Pablo and everyone else. Here’s one of the greatest feelgood boogie tracks of all […]

Sample Saturday #1

I used to be obsessed with this thing, always looking for the soul originals of the hip hop tunes or the disco originals to the house song and so on…. You know you’re a retard when you buy a shit album for a lot of money just because it contains a certain sample… well you […]

What goes around…

I’ve got a good tired Sunday feeling today, we had the Sharkslayer 12″ release party yesterday and it was a blast! People litterally rammed the house, thanks for everybody who came down. Get the record at good record stores very very soon. I’m not in the mood for hard stuff today so I’m posting a […]

Steppin Out mix

Sir Nenis “Steppin Out On the Groove”

Here’s a mixtape Sir Nenis did for this Friday’s Solid Gold, long live boogie. It’s few places where you can dance to this kind of stuff all night, but luckily our good friend Pablo Steffa is keeping it alive… Solid Gold nights feature excellent local talent and good djs/music lovers around world like Chairman Mao, […]