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Dizzy Womack —”Black Ice” EP

Black Ice EP by Dizzy Womack Our favorite Austrian Dizzy Womack returns to Top Billin with a brand new release. Dizzy Womack is the matured moniker of his formerly known name DJ Dizzy, with which he already gained support from luminaries such as Diplo or Drop The Lime with his backward bass-heavy 4/4 productions. His […]

DJ Venum — “Prestige Worldwide” EP

Prestige Worldwide EP by DJ Venum Top Billin’s favorite ghetto house specialist DJ Venum never stops. After dropping 2 great ep’s of original material, as well as some exclusive garage tunes for our compilations, it’s time for his 3rd ep for the label. We know Venum is no stranger to any music style as long […]

Preview: Premium Crates collection volume 2 by Sir Nenis

We’ve made a tradition of releasing 2 compilations right in the turn of the year, other being our ‘Best Of The Year’ -compilation and other ‘Premium Crates’ compilation, which includes dope tracks from various producers that did not fit on an individual release. Now Sir Nenis has compiled the again a Premium Crates -compilation, this […]

Preview: Second edition of our Moomba World compilations

It might not came as a suprise that we love Moombahton. We love all styles, especially when we can enjoy the hard stuff with the island sounds incorporating our love for dancehall to the mash. We know lately moomba has been about who makes the sickest bass sound and whatnot, but now that this is […]

Preview: Mega Banton & Kush Arora – Shake Sitten (Remixes)

Introducing, Spanish Street riddim, remix pack part 2. Lil earlier we had the pleasure to release a smashing riddim ep, produced by San Francisco’s Kush Arora. The original ep is jam-packed of dope vocal versions of the riddim, and here’s the 1st remix pack for the version with none other than MEGA BANTON. Remixes come […]

Preview: Urban Knights feat. Blackout Ja – Step On Dem

Hey fam, get introduced to Urban Knights. With the transcendence of electronic music into every corner of the globe and the emergence of too many bedroom DJ’s, the Urban Knights have risen above the mire with their refreshing blasts of audio visual delights. Benny Kane and Dr. Specs are two young producers with a rampant […]

DJ Venum brings the ruckus

Here’s something outside the box, Top Billin welcomes DJ Venum. Having his background deeply rooted in 90’s hardcore, ghetto house and twisted techno, DJ Venum is a great addition to the worldwide Top Billin family. Having spent time in the past producing some real tough ghetto tracks, hanging out with his buddy DJ Funk, djing […]

MP3: Party Break from DJ Venum

Welcoming the latest addition to the worldwide Top Billin family, DJ Venum. While waiting for DJ Venum‘s debut ep on Top Billin, you can download for free his latest party break which is very suitable for club use if you’re a serious dj. Get introduced to Venum and preview his forthcoming ep in his Soundcloud. […]

VIDEO: Urban Knights tell you some future plans

Ok, ok ok…! Latest addition to the Top Billin family are no rookies. Get introduced to URBAN KNIGHTS via IAMMUSIC.TV! Expect some grime/funky vibes from their forthcoming ep… It’s BIG. “Do you wear a helmet when you hit it?” “Yeah, safety 1st”


by TOP BILLIN Let the beats thump and bass rumble. Hailing from our hometown Helsinki, we’re happy to introduce you PZLD, who makes dope beats with that lazer twist. 22-year old PZLD’s (pronounced ‘puzzled’) journey into beat making began at the age when 11 dude discovered some beat making software in a cereal packet (!!). […]

What’s P.O.T.S.?

SPF 5000 – P.O.T.S. by TOP BILLIN A damn good tune it is. Do yourself a favor and preview the forthcoming second ep (got the previous one?) from SPF 5000. This for you ghetto lovebirds. ALL HAIL THE COMPTON CAT, release date 16/9.

World Gone Club vol. 3 out 9th of September

VARIOUS ARTISTS – WORLD GONE CLUB VOL. 3 by TOP BILLIN Hey party brother / sister. This compilation series is dedicated to bring you the best of ‘new’ talent around world, and the 3rd edition makes no exception. This one includes music from Chile to the US and from Italy to Canada to Russia and […]

Spanish Street Riddim!

KUSH ARORA – SPANISH STREET RIDDIM by TOP BILLIN It’s about time we release our first riddim release! Featuring the production talent on San Francisco producer Kush Arora and vocal talent of Lady Chann, Mega Banton, Jahdan Blakkamoore, MC Zulu and Undah P, this one is a bomb. “Kush Arora has been sculpting sound in […]

Sabro! Out this week

DJ MOMS & AMAZINGGAIJIN – SABRO EP by TOP BILLIN Beats, bass and Moombahton from Paris… Welcoming DJ Moms & Amazinggaijin to the worldwide Top Billin knighthood. These young cats are raising hell in their home country of France with their bass-heavy and slowed down beats, whatever that is called, global bass, moombahton, you name […]

The Bossa Rocka

DILLON FRANCIS – BOSSA ROCKA EP by TOP BILLIN That’s Dillon Francis so that you know, the Bossa Rocker. His last releases on Mad Decent have been major hits, but he also had time to do this dubstep-ish ep for us before getting signed to MD. Now that the Mad Decent releases are out, we […]

WooBanger – Keep It Real EP

WOOBANGER – KEEP IT REAL EP by TOP BILLIN Well well, what do you know, this one is from Sweden… Our homies Jonathan & Johannes are WooBanger. They produce dope house music for the floors and run a nice club in their hometown Malmö. They’re also the kinda guys who take you to their home […]

Spox – Salute Me EP

SPOX – SALUTE ME EP by TOP BILLIN Surely you remember Spox? Our boy from Poland… He’s got a new ep out on Top Billin very soon. “Spox – DJ, producer, remixer, all around dope guy. Born in the 80’s in Warsaw/Poland. A former hip-hop maestro with dope turntable skills and some hip-hop records under […]


DJ MOMS & AMAZINGAIJIN – SABRO EP by TOP BILLIN Now this is some straight fire… Check these young french cats. BOOM.

Jordan & Santero – Electric Church EP

JORDAN & SANTERO – ELECTRIC CHURCH EP by TOP BILLIN New preview from UK’s finest dudes, Jordan & Santero. These fine gentlemen are no strangers to party jams and the remixes on the ep are straight fire. “Jordan & Santero are two DJs from the UK who have known each other since being introduced late […]

SPF 5000 are on fire

SPF-5000 – WHITE HOT FANTASY by TOP BILLIN So fire that we melt here. Drawing influences from 80’s electro and dirty house music, this is exactly what we need for summer. Meet SPF 5000 now. “Hailing from Boston, the dynamic duo known as SPF 5000, are vocalist/songwriter Amy Douglas and producer Rob Phillips. With a […]

StardonE – Space Romance EP

STARDONE – SPACE ROMANCE EP by TOP BILLIN Here we go…. number 8 in our Nightrunners -series, this time from a young producer called StardonE. Beautiful epic stuff, this will be your summer soundtrack. Even how he describes himself is pretty epic too: StardonE is a producer much influenced and also in tune with the […]

Bright Shades – Sightseeing EP

BRIGHT SHADES – SIGHTSEEING EP by TOP BILLIN More great music from Helsinki and this time from our buddies Bright Shades. Check this disco bliss and be ready when it drops 6th of May. This is number 6 in our ‘Nightrunners’ -series.

Dooze Jackers = fire

DOOZE JACKERS – ZOO EP by TOP BILLIN Juno review: “Wonky, mashed-up progressive sounds from Montreal’s Dooze Jackers, with their latest EP on Top Billin. Hot on the heels of collaborations with Le Petit Belge, and releases on Ro10 Musik, Simma and Rogue Industries. Here they drop 3 ultra unique tracks that will rock it […]

Moston & Mono

LARS MOSTON & BEN MONO – PEOPLE EP by TOP BILLIN Once a year, the inhabitants of Berlin districts Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain meet up at the cutesy towers of Oberbaum bridge and proceed to hurl vegetables at each other in an epic battle royale for supremacy. Ben Mono (Kreuzberg) and Lars Moston (Friedrichshain), in a […]

Piggy Bank – Coming Soon

SAMPOLOGY feat. SPOEK MATHAMBO & GNUCCI BANANA by TOP BILLIN How many great artists there are in Australia? We might have to move our label there. Top Billin welcomes Sampology, yet another talented young producer from the land of down under. Sampology aka Sam Poggioli has made an entire ep of club monsters for Top […]

Criime pays

THE CRIIME – FIDJI EP by TOP BILLIN Hey hey, yet another preview for your pleasure. Some deep gems right here… We are welcoming the debut ep from a Brussels / Luxembourg duo THE CRIIME. The Criime has been around only for a year, started by childhood friends Andrea & Fabio. The boys found their […]

Bust the One

Yeah I think we all heard it, but have you heard the Virus Syndicate version? This comes pretty convenient as the Top Billin & Virus Syndicate single ‘Poppin Bottles’ drops soon… There’s a remix from the Hench badboy Jakes too + some other suprise remixes. Keep and eye on that, nothing but smashers on that […]

Adam Bozzetto – Distro Nox EP

Announcing some more great music, this time from our Australian brother, Adam Bozzetto. Ever since this was agreed, there has been such a demand for his tune ‘I Want To Be With Two’. He’s makes amazing high powered disco house and works for Heaps Decent in Australia, great dude. Promos are leaving soon! And hey, […]

Announcing a new compilation

Various Artists – World Gone Club vol. 1 by TOP BILLIN World’s gone club. There’s such a uprising of new talent everywhere, drawing influences from ghetto vibed club music to smooth well detailed tech sounds, and all made for the club. So we’re unleashing the first edition of a compilation series we call ‘World Gone […]

Sam Tiba & Spoek Mathambo are Burning

SAM TIBA & SPOEK MATHAMBO – BURNIN by TOP BILLIN “We’re in a time where it’s not surprising to pay tribute to the most recent past. Let’s pay tribute to 2009. This bass. This 4×4 rhythm. I can’t really describe the track. I remember smoking a lot of weed at that time. The original riddim […]


Top Billin welcomes Fex Fellini, a great German who makes excellent house with a tech twist plus some added world elements. If you liked the Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots – ‘Get Your Conga On’ ep earlier this year, you’re gonna love Fex’s debut out soon on Top Billin. Because we ain’t all about crazy […]

Riot Kid aka Manaré EP


Exiting times

I may have tweeted about this or mentioned it just quickly…, but very soon WE’RE READY TO DO OUR FIRST EVER RE-RELEASE of a classic new wave song! I can’t mention here yet what the track(s) is, except that it’s from 1983, but you’ll be updated soon. It will be on full vinyl glory and […]

New Sharkslayers

Sticky K – The Weirdo (Sharkslayer Nassau mix) by TOP BILLIN Coming soon on Southern Fried. Sharkslayer – Hammerhead (dub) by TOP BILLIN Coming soon on Discobelle Records. “Lovin Hammerhead, BIG TUNE!” – French Fries

Sekta & Spoek remixed

So my friends, this little neat package is dopping soon. Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (CAMEL remix) Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (DANIEL HAAKSMAN remix) Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (BERT ON BEATS remix) Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (EDU K remix) Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (FEMME EN FOURRURE […]

Funky Poland / PL FUNKY

Here’s a quick peek to a forthcoming EP on Top Billin titled ‘PL Funky’, the name says it all. From guys in Poland making awesome beats driven club killers in the style of UK Funky tunes out right now, and we love Funky! So get ready for PL FUNKY dropping next month! This is the […]