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Top Billin Soundsystem presents Premium Crates 4

Premium Crates 4 by Various Artists It’s that time of the year again to look back on what happened in the past 12 months, and also what the future holds for club music. End of the year is full of lists. DJ’s and blogs are busy listing their favorite tracks from the past year and […]


It’s that time of the year again to look back on what happened in the past 12 months, and also what the future holds for club music. End of the year is full of lists. DJ’s and blogs are busy listing their favorite tracks from the past year and sometimes those lists are fun and […]

Sir Nenis presents Premium Crates 3

During one year as a label, we find so much good music that it’s overwhelming. Some of the music we find ends up on our DJ playlists, but don’t find the right spot to be released. Beginning of a new year is a good time to go through these crates and compile some of the […]

Bass+Bonez vol. II, compiled by DJ Pinball

Welcome to the second volume of our Bass+Bonez -series, compiled by Top Billin’s own bass music specialist DJ Pinball. We tend to put out mainly party-influenced material on Top Billin, but we also now how to keep the club going with some smoother sounds as well. We believe in the bass, the club, the drum […]

New MTWAT compilation, Club Monsters Vol. 2. 20 essential tracks for 4.99€

Club Monsters Vol. 2 by Various Artists Yes, it’s time for Club Monsters Vol. 2. We have compiled the second edition in the series of My Techno Weighs A Ton releases. 20 club-crushing tracks for 4.99€ only (!) exclusively at the MTWAT digital store. Support the movement, much better than Beatport top 100. And check […]

OUT NOW: Motivation 808 compilation

Motivation 808 by Various Artists Top Billin Music & Hydraulix present: Motivation 808 “insert trap pun here” When we started to design our first trap compilation, the idea was clear: to have the compilation to represent the sound in trap close to our hearts aka influences from Atlanta trap, big 808’s, smoother dubstep, g-funk and […]

Preview: Premium Crates collection volume 2 by Sir Nenis

We’ve made a tradition of releasing 2 compilations right in the turn of the year, other being our ‘Best Of The Year’ -compilation and other ‘Premium Crates’ compilation, which includes dope tracks from various producers that did not fit on an individual release. Now Sir Nenis has compiled the again a Premium Crates -compilation, this […]

Preview: Best of MMXII compilation, 25 greats

As this year is coming to an end, it’s time to unleash once again our ‘best of the year’ compilation. This best of MMXII collection showcases the best talent on the label this past year, with tunes ranging from moombahton to house and floor-stomping ghetto cuts. 2012 was a busy year for us, many tunes […]

Preview: Second edition of our Moomba World compilations

It might not came as a suprise that we love Moombahton. We love all styles, especially when we can enjoy the hard stuff with the island sounds incorporating our love for dancehall to the mash. We know lately moomba has been about who makes the sickest bass sound and whatnot, but now that this is […]

How about 19 tracks for 4.99? You like bangers?

Sharkslayer’s MTWAT label celebrates 25th release and if you’re really up to date, you can get the 19 best tracks from My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT here for a price on 4.99…. Shhhh, just for you…. bring the ruckus.

Preview: Bass+Bonez Compilation (compiled by Flipperi)

New compilation alert! Compiled by Flipperi (aka Top Billin label manager Heikki and member of the Top Billin DJ Team), this is too good to pass. Nowadays there are too many music categories and we don’t want to confuse you any more, so we’re not going to come up with a genre for this release, […]

The best in club music vol. 4

Here we go again, 4th edition of our very popular World Gone Club -series is yet again packed with the cream of future talents. If you’re not yet familiar with this greatness, these series are dedicated to the most promising up-and-coming producers around the world. This edition has everything from bass tracks to jackin house […]

Enter the Moomba world

We’re very proud to present our 1st Moombahton compilation. We’ve been fans of Moombahton since it started as one man’s hobby (we see you Dave) and turned into a worldwide phenomenon. What’s special to to us with Moombahton, it’s its impact on the dancefloors, we’ve always incorporated Moombahton to our danchall / reggaeton / riddim […]

Out Now: Premium Crates compilation

We got some club gems for you now… This compilation features the cream of the cream of modern day producers, especially the guys you been hearing about and thinking what they do next. Compiled by Top Billin president Sir Nenis (with the help of Top Billin artists), this compilation goes from bass tracks to uplifting […]


We had an awesome year last year with a load or releases, dope remixes and building the Top Billin worldwide family. As the new year has started, we decided to make something to remember 2011 of, in the form of a massive compilation of some of the best tunes from last year. It was pretty […]

World Gone Club vol. 3 out 9th of September

VARIOUS ARTISTS – WORLD GONE CLUB VOL. 3 by TOP BILLIN Hey party brother / sister. This compilation series is dedicated to bring you the best of ‘new’ talent around world, and the 3rd edition makes no exception. This one includes music from Chile to the US and from Italy to Canada to Russia and […]

Announcing a new compilation

Various Artists – World Gone Club vol. 1 by TOP BILLIN World’s gone club. There’s such a uprising of new talent everywhere, drawing influences from ghetto vibed club music to smooth well detailed tech sounds, and all made for the club. So we’re unleashing the first edition of a compilation series we call ‘World Gone […]