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MTWAT043 OUT NOW: Don D Selectah

My friend Don D Selectah is a producer that is not afraid to experiment with genres. His productions are influenced from a wide spectrum of musical styles and no strict rules apply when he’s combining sounds and writing drum patterns. Don D returns to MTWAT with a four track ep, titled “Pimpin Eagle”. This new […]

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MTWAT029 Out Now: Don D Selectah

You may or may have not heard of Don D Selectah, but after listening to this ep, you sure will want to hear more from the man. This is true trap/bass ep, not exactly the type of dubstep turned into trap that’s out there a lot right now, but something more of a smokers delight. […]


Q&A: Don D Selectah

Welcome to yet another dope interview on our Q&A series. This time we go down with a trap master blaster aka Don D Selectah. An ep dropping in 2 weeks on Sharkslayer’s MTWAT label (yes, The Slayer loves trap), better to get to know the man. Currently drawing influences from UK garage, grime, dubstep and […]