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Yo producer, acapella for you

Hey mad producer, here’s the acapella for Wax Wreckaz dope hit ‘Bubble And Wine’. Feel free to remix and if you think the remix turned out real nice, pls send it to info at topbillinmusic and you might get it on a forthcoming release. Not bad, yeh?

MP3: LargeUp premieres Wax Wreckaz

The always on point LargeUp reviews Wax Wreckaz & Etzia’s new ‘Bubblea And Wine Up’ -single and share a free track. So head over to Okayplayer right now.

Preview: Wax Wreckaz and Etzia bring the goods

Four guys from Innsbruck, Austria – Busy Fingaz, Juwee, Fu and Sensay – established a name for themselves with extensive touring all over Europe for the last 13 years. Founded 1999 in Innsbruck, they have now emerged as one of the most booked DJ-outfits in central Europe, with an extremely club-friendly and crowd-pleasing party-rocking style. […]