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Tokyo calling, new mix cd from DJ Moodman with FEF + Teeth

Tokyo calling, Japan’s own DJ Moodman has got a new mix cd out, featuring Teeth’s remix of ‘Bronco’ by Femme En Fourrure (out now on Top Billin). Tracklisting is dope, if you think Japan is awesome like we do, go cop Moodman’s new cd now for example HERE.

MP3: Femme En Fourrure remixed

Free tune! Not an official remix but a dope one from Slovakia based producer Embryo. Embryo takes Femme En Fourrure’s classic smooth jam ‘Plump Bisquit’ and gives it a very classic house rework. What we like is that the remix stays deep in respect to the original, but has a nice little jacking vibe in […]

Teeth / Pitchfork interview

Check out a great interview of our man Teeth at Pitchfork. His remix for Femme En Fourrure is out now and his Top Billin debut ep is in the works and drops soon. File under: great news.

Femme En Fourrure – Bronco

FEMME EN FOURRURE – BRONCO EP by TOP BILLIN And here we go. If you’ve been following Femme En Fourrure lately you’ve noticed that they’ve been on fire. From solid singles (accompanied usually with awesome videos, remember ‘Plump Bisquit‘?) to remixes for labels like Southern Fried, Discobelle and Club Cheval, it seems there’s no stopping […]

Siltanen Tonight

A suprise gig from GIRL UNIT and Top Billin fam at Siltanen on TUESDAY. Free entry, you’re so invited. Check info here.

Manaré – Quiet Riot EP – SHOW SUPPORT

Artist: Manaré Title: Quiet Riot EP Tracklisting: Voodoo Voodoo (French Fries & Bambounou remix) Voodoo (L-Vis 1990 remix) Belly Dance Belly Dance (Femme En Fourrure remix) Belly Dance (Merk Meny remix) Blitzkrieg Riddim Manaré – Quiet Riot EP by TOP BILLIN Manaré (aka Riot Kid) is our cousin from Paris and is undoubtedly one of […]

Manaré – Quiet Riot EP

Manaré – Quiet Riot EP by TOP BILLIN Latest ep from our Parisian cousin Manaré is dropping this Friday. Mark your calendars….!

Riot Kid aka Manaré EP


Artist showcases

Koobra – Thrills EP by TOP BILLIN Yves Rockers Crew – Up To No Good EP by TOP BILLIN Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots – Get Your Conga On EP by TOP BILLIN PL FUNKY COMPILATION EP by TOP BILLIN This shit is starting to really feel an actual label so we need start doing […]

Sekta f. Spoek – Jabajaws REMIXED

Artist: Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo Title: Jabajaws REMIXED Release date: 5th March 2010 A massive remix package to massive ep by Sekta & Spoek Mathambo previously out on Top Billin. Being as great we are, we got some special heat for you this Friday. Sekta & Spoek’s ‘Jabajaws’ remixed by the cream of the crop […]

Sekta & Spoek remixed

So my friends, this little neat package is dopping soon. Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (CAMEL remix) Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (DANIEL HAAKSMAN remix) Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (BERT ON BEATS remix) Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (EDU K remix) Sekta f. Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws (FEMME EN FOURRURE […]

Plump Bisquit on Sinden’s podcast

As it was said earlier “This is indeed as you say a co-sign!!! Love this and it starts my new Dj mix that will be circulating the web soon!” -SINDEN Plump Bisquit is the opening track on Sinden‘s new podcast on The Kool Kids Podcast Klub series. Check the tracklist and download the mix here. […]

Plump bisquit release party next week

Now this is for the latest in modern electronic sounds. Don’t arrive late. “Really dig your stuff! Big up on the Plump Bisquit!” – STYLE OF EYE “BIG!! I’ll play both of these!” -MUMDANCE “This is indeed as you say a co-sign!!! Love this and it starts my new Dj mix that will be circulating […]

Plump Bisquit out 5th Feb

Artist: Femme En Fourrure Title: ‘Plump Bisquit’ w/ Sharkslayer remix Release date: 5th February 2010 Femme En Fourrure aka Juuso & Bianca, our fellow disco / house lovers from Helsinki have been making waves witheir minimalistic yet bass-heavy house sound lately. Juuso has been known as disco-enthusiast and now with a female companion, they create […]

New mix from FEF

Aka Femme En Fourrure, our friends from Helsinki. I recommend you check their new ep with an Edu K remix and prepare yourself for their single on Top Billin with a Sharkslayer remix… Femme En Fourrure – Salut Garcon Mix #2: 1. Gucci Vump – The Boogieman (Downtown Remix) (Sound Pellegrino) 2. Round Table Knights […]

Salut Garcon

Salut Carcon, Hey Boy, It’s a Girl In a Fur… Check out the new mix on the deeper tip from Helsinki’s Femme En Fourrure. Sweet tracklisting and so far their own tunes are getting a lot of play from me.