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Preview: The bass samurai

You know that we listen music all around the world, right? Now this is the first time we got 100% Japanese release for the label, definitely something outside the box. Broken Haze aka Keisuke Ito is an acclaimed producer / DJ from Tokyo, who’s style draws influences from dubstep, garage techno, electro, hip hop and […]


Reilly Steel makes days happy

(Photo: Emmanuelle Saliba) Within the ever-growing continuum of so-called “bass music,” San Francisco-based DJ/Producer Reilly Steel is a breath of fresh air. With original releases out on Rock It Science, Hot N Heavy, Senseless Records and now on Top Billin, remixes out on Trouble & Bass and We Do It, and his productions receiving support […]


Great debut ep from Cristian Dinamarca

Top Billin welcomes a Swedish brother to the family! Cristian Dinamarca is a close friend of Tony Senghore and the most exciting musical export to come from Sweden lately. With his always very chopped sample use and skill to make banging drums, CD is the DJ’s favorite right now. Already getting support from all the […]


Sabro! Out this week

DJ MOMS & AMAZINGGAIJIN – SABRO EP by TOP BILLIN Beats, bass and Moombahton from Paris… Welcoming DJ Moms & Amazinggaijin to the worldwide Top Billin knighthood. These young cats are raising hell in their home country of France with their bass-heavy and slowed down beats, whatever that is called, global bass, moombahton, you name […]


Get Yo Piggy Bank!

SAMPOLOGY feat. SPOEK MATHAMBO & GNUCCI BANANA – PIGGY BANK by TOP BILLIN This great ep from a Australian / South-African / Swedish family connection is out now. Go grab it! MORE INFO HERE IN CASE YOU MISSED IT. TOP BILLIN DIGITAL STORE BEATPORT JUNODOWNLOAD Support as varied as from Munchi to Malente. No reason […]

Cheval club remixes get em

(now it looks proper) VARIOUS ARTISTS – CLUB CHEVAL REMIXED by TOP BILLIN This batch of remixes from great guys around the world is out now. Support by getting it from the shops below and you can download that Nenis remix from the player for free. TOP BILLIN DIGITAL STORE BEATPORT JUNODOWNLOAD fashion refillable windproof […]


You know we gots vinyl, right?

Of course we do, like my friend said – “you can’t beat the smell of fresh wax”. Damn right. For example the glorious club/bass/funky ep from Al Ripken & Diamond K is available on wax (with remixes from Bok Bok, Lunice, Cobra Krames & Trusta). Put em hands in the air, now. Get it at: […]


Them Jeans – Balloons EP

Artist: Them Jeans Title: Balloons EP Tracklisting: Balloons Balloons (DJA remix) Balloons (LOL Boys remix) Balloons (Camo Ufos remix) Them Jeans – Balloons EP by TOP BILLIN Top Billin welcomes Them Jeans to the Top Billin Knighthood. If you know anything about the US dj scene, you have heard about Them Jeans for sure and […]


What has 12 arms, 12 legs and 12 eyes? A dozen pirates What is a pirate’s favourite type of music? Arr and B CURSES! MP3 Pirate Soundsystem – Dub U Nu (320K) (Mediafire)

Tik Tok

Cooly G making the pop hit bearable because I love Funky. Ke$ha – Tik Tok (Cooly G remix) (320K) (Zshare)


SHARKSLAYER “Graveyardie Mix Vol.1 for Palmsout”

-What kind of shark do you hunt? -The business type. Bad mon, check it. The new Sharkslayer mixtape. These don’t come often, so make you sure don’t miss this. This is part of the Palms Out blogs ‘Sounds Of Summer’ -series (vol 15), get it exclusively at their blog and don’t forget the Sharkslayer remix […]

Whip It

Sharkslayer is off to Berlin, the fashion week is on, lot of things going on. Looking forward to party with Jörg from Brlln blog and hopefully cathing up with Wool. DB boys are in town too so hopefully there will be big dinners. I’m hungry and all I got is this chopping mall sandwich. Amp […]

Sydney Samson

I think everybody liked Sydney Samson’s ‘Riverside’, and this remix is a winner too. Riverside should be played with the Switch remix of ‘Divine Gosa’ and this can go into the Township Funk run in your sets. Hopefully I’ll hear this tune tomorrow at the Sany Pitbull party in Redrum. Afrojack – Do My Dance […]