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Too Late Productions – Ghetto Trax EP

4 new original tracks from European house veterans. As raw and ghetto sounds in dance music are practically their own genre nowadays, Europeans are not always very clear what ghetto house really is so here’s the definition in a nutshell: Ghetto house, or booty house, is a type of Chicago house which started being recognized […]


DJ Venum — “Prestige Worldwide” EP

Prestige Worldwide EP by DJ Venum Top Billin’s favorite ghetto house specialist DJ Venum never stops. After dropping 2 great ep’s of original material, as well as some exclusive garage tunes for our compilations, it’s time for his 3rd ep for the label. We know Venum is no stranger to any music style as long […]


MP3: DJ Venum rides at dawn

This free tune from viagra sin receta tough guy DJ Venum is exactly what it says, a ghetto house trip through the mists. At dawn we ride with him. Download now before it’s too late.


DJ Venum brings the ruckus

Here’s something outside the box, Top Billin welcomes DJ Venum. Having his background deeply rooted in 90’s hardcore, ghetto house and twisted techno, DJ Venum is a great addition to the worldwide Top Billin family. Having spent time in the past producing some real tough ghetto tracks, hanging out with his buddy DJ Funk, djing […]

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MP3: No Hoodrats

Free track again for your pleasure. It’s a party mix so if you didn’t get this through our Soundcloud yet, you should def follow us there. Grab pon de player.


Mix: Booty Dew vol. 1 by Top Billin

Booty Dew — Vol 1 by Top Billin on Mixcloud Top Billin presents Booty Dew vol.1, a mix full of ghetto goodness. This party mix contains ghetto club trax from DJ Slugo, DJ Deeon, Paul Johnson, Louis Bell, Jammin Gerald, Maurice Joshua, DJ Cease, Cajmere, Steve “Spinnin” Santoyo, DJ Ayres, DJ Sneak, DJ Gant-man, DJ WaxMaster, […]


VIDEO: Astronomar – Y’all Know EP teaser

Time for some fun jackin and twisted ghetto house cuts! Besides spending time talking about drugs and all fun shit on skype at night with us, Astronomar has been stirring up and building alliances in the dance music community since he arrived in Seattle in 2008. Producing remixes for many regional musicians as well as […]

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Video: 25 Years Of Ghetto House

“Chicago Juke music has roots that run deep. The film chronicles the birth and evolution of a genre over 25 years.” A nice documentary by Sonali Aggarval about juke and ghetto house / tek in Chicago. Lot of familiar names and faces and nice insight of the development of ghetto music styles. Recommended watching if […]

Big Booty Bitches / A Lost People

Hanging out with big booty bitches in LA continues… all the shorties at the club are rockin the slim waist big butt style (Nicky Minaj might be to blame) and guys got mohawks (I had one too when I was 19 so I know where they coming from). We had a lot of fun last […]


From the makers of award-winning ‘Rape Squad’, comes the most anticipated new series of the decade, ‘NineSix’. It makes it even more awesome when it’s girls at the vocals too, doesn’t it? Chicago Traxmen – I Got Control (320K) (Mediafire)


DJ Anonymous “Kick In the Bass – Dance Mania Classics”

A brand new Top Billin mix for the weekend! I’ve wanted to compile some of my favorite Dance Mania classics for a while and here’s the first installement in what might become a series even. Most of the stuff here is from the label’s mid- to late-90’s heyday and features almost all of the major […]

We all gon fuck

Ghetto house is a big favourite among us and I’m always riding for the Chi-town sound. Here’s a tune from the Chicago Traxmen ‘Reunion Album – Freakier Than Ever’ 12″ that always works the clubs. It’s easy to get confused with who produced what, but I remember Traxmen being Paul Johnson & Robert Armani, when […]

Dance Mania 190

I get the Dance Mania feeling every Friday. We should make it regular to post some Dance Mania stuff. DM 190 is a beautiful club track by DJ Tone, from his great, though strangely titled ‘In Da Closet Tracks’ ep. Dance Mania discography is some interesting read (well interesting and interesting, depending how deep you […]