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Sex Appeal

How’s your Monday looking? Feelin mighty fine here. Sometimes we also need instrumental jams to play out, so peep these 2 gems: MP3 Sophie St. Laurent – Sex Appeal (instrumental) (320K) ( MP3 Q – The Voice Of Q (instrumental) (320K) ( – @sirnenis

Love No Limit…

Mary J Blige, Puff Daddy, Bad Boy mix… On it… I admire how much they were on point. With Mary J & a Keni Burke sample this once more an addition to the ‘a JAM’ -category. THIS is also a total winner. MP3 Mary J Blige – Love No Limit (Bad Boy mix) (320K) (Mediafire)

Christmas Jams

Time for a few xmas jams, still 4 days to go. This year it’s all about the little ones, us adults can enjoy the christmas spirit on 25th at Redrum (read below). Grab the little hallelujah -styled jam by UK’s Zebra and enjoy how it picks up halfway into a great afro-rock groove. Thanks Strut! […]