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Jungle Week #6

We close the week with an unreleased jungle mix by me and Kalle (aka Koobra). This was the first track we did together. Its a remix for local reggae star Raappana and features another local don, Paarma. Erb anthem inna de proper throwback fashion. MP3 Raappana ft Paarma : Sensimilla (Kaleb & DJ Pinball Jungle […]

Jungle Week #5

I might not know much about jungle, but I do know there’s some gems in Pushups’ shelves, in brown paper bags. Here’s some selected stuff from labels such as Full Cycle. MP3 DJ Die – Achilles Heel (320K) (mediafire) MP3 DJ Krust – Memories (320K) (mediafire) MP3 Goldie feat. Krs One – One One (The […]

Jungle Week #4

Nenis is right about Shy FX. He has always been the don… with some serious cross-over moves from the video above to his last album, together with his long time partner T Power. Funny fact about about the guy is that he was working for S.O.U.R. buy discount cialis for a less than a week […]

Jungle week #3

Nah, I’m fooling you no junglist massive here, but this goodie I found at RCRDLBL is too good not to post and… Shy FX is a jungle don anyway and MJ Cole turns this one into an awesome UK funky bass monster. I say lighta! MP3 Shy FX – Raver (MJ Cole remix) (320K) (Mediafire)

Jungle Week #2

Jungle always had big influence from hip-hop. When hip-hop producers took their samples from original records, junglists often sampled the same thing from hip-hop records. Credit to Ayres, 15 years later things can also turn the other way. Few of my not so obvious choices on this topic. Took me a moment to clean the […]

Jungle Week #1

Good news is that Camo UFOs “Kool & Deadly EP” is out now and it will definately not be the last jungle release on the label. Good news is also that we re celebrating it with a lil “Jungle Week” here in Top Billin blog. Briefly…. Jungle was born in the beginning of nineties when […]