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MTWAT049 Out Now: Fyor

So tough and awesome, big drums and thumping beats here, lemme introduce you Fyor (read: fire) from Los Angeles, one half of the duo No Body (Top Billin, Dim Mak). Fyor (aka Kevin Chapman) started producing in 2008 and putting himself on the map in the LA club scene. In 2010 the duo No Body […]

MTWAT047 OUT NOW: Nerd Flanders

Retsina / Feta by Nerd Flanders Italy… what comes to mind? To me, great food and beautiful women. Not necessarily dark techno, but Nerd Flanders are exactly about that. Having cut their teeth in the Italian club scene by playing the biggest clubs and festivals with big names like Eric Prydz, A-Trak, James Zabiela, Erol […]

Q&A: Nerd Flanders

Retsina / Feta by Nerd Flanders The Italian tough techno masters have just got their debut out on My Techno Weighs A Ton. Read an interview with the guys that will make you crack up. Comedy & Techno = Nerd Flanders, lovin it. 1) Go ahead, represent. Paris and Marco, friends more then a team. […]

New MTWAT compilation, Club Monsters Vol. 2. 20 essential tracks for 4.99€

Club Monsters Vol. 2 by Various Artists Yes, it’s time for Club Monsters Vol. 2. We have compiled the second edition in the series of My Techno Weighs A Ton releases. 20 club-crushing tracks for 4.99€ only (!) exclusively at the MTWAT digital store. Support the movement, much better than Beatport top 100. And check […]


Voices / Karma by Mixsa Right on the heels of the previous Brazilian release by Kassiano, let me introduce to you Mixsa, a couple from Curitiba (aka Pine Nut Land in English), Brazil, who enjoy their sounds dark and groovy. This might be the ‘deepest’ release to date on MTWAT, but definitely suitable for the […]

MTWAT044 Out Now: First Gift

Fantasm EP by First Gift I was minding my own business (digging a hole with a stick), when a friend of mine sent me batch of these mad tunes from this guys from Sweden aka First Gift. Stuff was so tech + electro at the same time that I was impressed. Not too much squeeking […]

MTWAT042 OUT NOW: Kassiano

Greenpoint by Kassiano Oh, big banger from Brazil, I welcome Kassiano. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and based in New York, DJ and producer Kassiano has been for some time now a pioneer of ‘brazilian dance music’. As one of the first DJ’s to introduce Brazilian Baile Funk music to the international scene by putting […]

MTWAT041 OUT NOW: Mr Madjestyk

I love mad bass and I love trap. Mr Madjestyk brings them both, heavy UK bass vibes with trap feels, this is a one’s a keeper and will be very current for a long time. Mr Madjestyk cut his teeth on the UK’s hip-hop and d’n’b scenes in the early 2000’s. His turntable skills led […]

MTWAT040 OUT NOW: Breakfastklub

I first heard Breakfastklub on their collaborations with the always dope Malente and saw them bang out on a gig we shared, and I was hooked. Apart from being great producers, these guys know how to have fun. Their first release on MTWAT is not your usual electro record, but more of a mixture of […]

MTWAT038 OUT NOW: The Diving Machine

Hailing from Belgium, The Diving Machine make awesome tough techno. Originally solo producers and friends from school and both inspired by the same artists and same styles of electronic music (read: techno), it was an easy step to for them to start producing together. Getting support from Belgian producers friend such as Sound Of Stereo […]

MTWAT037 Out Now: DJ Dee Ass

DJ Dee Ass returns to My Techno Weighs A Ton with a total banger ep. Hailing from Eastern Germany, Dee Ass is no stranger to the big halls where bangers are needed and no wonder Tommie Sunshine named Dee Ass an artist to watch in 2013. Having already debuted on MTWAT with an unsually tight […]

MTWAT036 Out Now: Tarmo & Sharkslayer

Big room business from good friends Tarmo and label boss Sharkslayer. Tarmo is known for his slightly more progressive sounds what we usually offer on MTWAT, but laced together with Sharkslayer’s need for grimey vibes, the result is a mad banger appealing to any big floor. 1 track release, no bullshit. DJ support by: Tommie […]

MTWAT035 Out Now: All Guns Blazing

Big drums, mad 808’s! All Guns Blazing returns to MTWAT with an ep of 3 original songs. Germany’s AGB is a true ghetto sound powerhouse and his tunes are constant hits on the dancefloor and always the most feedbacked by DJs. His new ep is everything we can expect from the man, big club weapons […]

MTWAT033 Out Now: Guerilla Speakerz

Guerilla Speakerz, two guys from Amsterdam who share a love for heavy beats and tough bass. Known for their exploding dj sets and representing the true sounds of the underground, their style is a mixture of influences from grime, dubstep, trap, house and even tropical vibes. Besides throwing down huge parties in Holland they already […]

MTWAT032 OUT NOW: Lucent

Introducing Lucent. This Liverpool based producer has been lately catching the attention of many players with his uncompromising and fun productions. Having previously worked with labels like Bosphorus Underground Recordings, Four40 Records, Hundred2One Recordings, Its A Bass Thing, and radio play on RinseFM, Ministry Of Sound, FlexFM, Lucent is ready to join MTWAT. With a […]

MTWAT030 Out Now: Vuiton

Vuiton…. What comes into your mind, expensive bags? Forget that, this is more interesting as this young techno producer coming from Munich, Germany, the city where acts like Zombie Nation and SCNTST are from, follows the tradition of German craftmanship of dope techno tunes. Already attracting attention with big guys for his remix for Boys […]

MTWAT028 Out now: Klubbaa&Trigger

Here’s some tough club tracks from newcomers Klubbaa&Trigger. If you’re old and afraid of major bangers, just move along sir… Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, the duo Klubbaa&Trigger started producing in 2011 after meeting at a local club (that’s how best relationships are born). Their productions are always aimed for the peaktime, hard basslines combined with […]

MTWAT027 Out Now: Saur

ARTIST INFO: Philadelphia’s Saur returns to MTWAT. Just as with his previous release, the club pumping ‘Angry Duck EP’, Saur is keeping it tight with his signature sound of tropical beats, dutch vibed synths and dope basses on his newest installment titled ‘Friendly Duck EP’. Originally from Ukraine and now living in Philadelhia, Saur is […]

MTWAT026 Out Now: Sharkslayer & Wool

ARTIST INFO: Long time friends Nenis aka Slayer and Wool (pictured) aka Glen Brady of the Glass have finally gotten together to crank out a jackin house smasher, Chicago style. Both Nenis and Glen come from the old school when it comes to house sounds and this ep is no exception, full of jackin elements […]

How about 19 tracks for 4.99? You like bangers?

Sharkslayer’s MTWAT label celebrates 25th release and if you’re really up to date, you can get the 19 best tracks from My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT here for a price on 4.99…. Shhhh, just for you…. bring the ruckus.

MTWAT023 Out Now: Sharkslayer – Warlord Walk (Remixes)

ARTIST INFO: Remix pack full of dancefloor monsters here we go… MTWAT label owner Sharkslayer’s club banger ‘Warlord Walk’ was released August this year and here come the remixes. Going from tropical beats by All Guns Blazing, a more big toom techno approach by The Integrals, Ronkolino’s Dutch -styled high energy mix as well as […]


ARTIST INFO: DJ MANAIA aka Ricardo Manaia is not a young gun… Born in 1979, the year that “Apocalypse Now” made first appearance on cinemas, the year that Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime minister in the UK, the year that as technology becomes smaller Sony released the Walkman a worldwide success costing $200 which at […]

MTWAT021 OUT NOW: All Guns Blazing

ARTIST INFO: All Guns Blazing is a project by Hamburg based DJ and producer Meikl. His take on tropical atmospheres with gnarley basslines and Dutch house styled synths has landed him releases previously on Coco Machete, Woot and Kiezbeats. Also his collaborations with the always on point producer Hostage have been well reveived. Now AGB […]

MTWAT020 Out Now: Sharkslayer & Blaze Tripp

ARTIST INFO: Boss hog go low… Both electro and bass heavyweights Sharkslayer and Blaze Tripp have been friends for a few years, and now they have finally teamed up for few tracks. First up is ‘Boss Hog’, a big room banger similar to Crookers or Bingo Players, enough crunchy sounds, massive drums and a catchy […]

MTWAT016 Out Now: So Called Friend

ARTIST INFO: Tough jumpin club beats hit MTWAT by Germany’s So Called Friend. SCF aka Scott continues his steady rise since tearing onto the German club scene in 2009 with the chart topping “Fever”. And repeating this effort in 2010 with single “Hands”, so this Australian born, Hamburg based artist is doing big things all […]

MTWAT014 OUT NOW: The Mane Thing – Bring Ya Booty EP

ARTIST INFO: Having originally debuted on Top Billin, The Mane Thing duo now joins MTWAT. The Mane Thing started one faithful night in the lion’s den, after a few beers the boys started working on a bootleg of His Majesty Andre’s “Peep Thong”. Much to the boys’ surprise, the remix climbed to number one on […]


ARTIST INFO: Coming from the eastern side of Germany, DJ Dee Ass (that’s a ghetto house DJ name for real) knows his hard stuff. He also started producing electronic music when he was only 14 (!), so being over 20 now, he has has years of experience and we’re happy to add DJ DA to […]


ARTIST INFO: When talking about Dutch house, Rishi Romero is the name to be mentioned. Being one the pioneers of the now popular house movement, Rishi has enough experience as a producer and a DJ so we can fairly call him a pioneer. Having previously released on labels like Spinnin and Samsobeats, Rishi now joins […]


ARTIST INFO: After having successfully launched his own label in association with Top Billin Music, Sharkslayer drops his first single on MTWAT. Titled ‘Warlord Walk’, the track is exactly what you can expect from the man himself, high-powered feel with banging drums and fun vocal cuts. Definitely a sound for 2012. Warlord Walk has already […]


My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT is a new label under the Top Billin Music corporation, run by Sharkslayer. ARTIST INFO: Presenting The Integrals, an Austrian DJ duo, who have been involved in the scene in Vienna for ages and have been djing the best clubs and parties for a good time now. They’re […]


My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT is a new label under the Top Billin Music corporation, run by Sharkslayer. ARTIST INFO: Special dubstep blast for release 004! Hailing from Russia, Finish Him! don’t fuck around. We know that deep east is a place for bass fuellled bangers and FM make no exception. Their tracks […]


My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT is a new label under the Top Billin Music corporation, run by Sharkslayer. ARTIST INFO: 3rd release on MTWAT comes from one of UK’s hottest imports right now, Will Bailey. He’s been djing since 1999 and making music since around 2002. WB has produced under different aliases such […]


My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT is a new label under the Top Billin Music corporation, run by Sharkslayer. ARTIST INFO: Fresh on MTWAT records, release 002 comes from high-powered producer from the UK aka Misk. With tracks supported by the likes of Tiga, Oizo, Zombie Nation, The Prodigy, Fake Blood, Felix Da Housecat, […]

MTWAT001 OUT NOW: Ostblockschlampen

If you missed this info somehow: My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT is a new label under the Top Billin Music corporation, run by Sharkslayer. ARTIST INFO: Release 001 comes from a duo haling from Leipzig a former East German city. Named Ostblockschlampen (very German, use Google translate), the duo consists of Markus Lange […]