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MTWAT027 Out Now: Saur

ARTIST INFO: Philadelphia’s Saur returns to MTWAT. Just as with his previous release, the club pumping ‘Angry Duck EP’, Saur is keeping it tight with his signature sound of tropical beats, dutch vibed synths and dope basses on his newest installment titled ‘Friendly Duck EP’. Originally from Ukraine and now living in Philadelhia, Saur is […]

Preview: Sharkslayer & Ostblockschlampen – Rule The Nation

Banger preview! MTWAT label creator Sharkslayer and his friend Markus & Vanilla aka Ostblockschlampen from Germany are all lovers of heavy, dance floor banging house music and they got together to produce a banger with mad synth lines, big bass and a familiar vocal sample. Whether it be Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Paris or Stockholm, […]

MTWAT001 OUT NOW: Ostblockschlampen

If you missed this info somehow: My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT is a new label under the Top Billin Music corporation, run by Sharkslayer. ARTIST INFO: Release 001 comes from a duo haling from Leipzig a former East German city. Named Ostblockschlampen (very German, use Google translate), the duo consists of Markus Lange […]