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Party: The Annual Top Billin Xmas aka Santa murderation at Kuudes Linja 28.12.

Ding dong…. 2012 oli ja meni, maailma ei päättynyt. Me ollaan vähän keskitytty liikaa musabisnekseen, käyty ulkomailla sekä panostettu tuottajauriimme ja muutenkin yleiseen onanointiin ja laiminlyöty asioita Helsingin bilerintamalla. Nyt on siis hyvä tilaisuus korjata tilanne. Toivotetaan kaikki joita kiinnosta aito rehti bailumeno tervetulleiksi meidän perinteisiin vuoden päätösbileisiin aka “Top Billin pulled a pistol on […]

Viva Nights in St. Petersburg

Was just crazy…. Thanks party people! Big up also to Ruslan, Fedor, Chickenshit Clan boys, Maria and that 7feet girl at the backstage and anyone who danced. Photos after the jump…

DJ Flipperi "Bass Sounds Better With You 2"

by Heikki @ Top Billin What the hell just happened? Here’s a brand new mixtape from yours truly aka myself DJ Flipperi. I’m playing this Friday at Bassment in Helsinki with Arch Of Neo (Teeth & Non Person, you know Teeth, right?) and Smoodymann. Forward thinking dance music all night long. Tracklisting after the jump and […]


Salsa de pato! This summer’s only Hand Clap Low Conga event is going down tonite at Club YK. As you may know, these events are dedicated to sounds all over the world, from dancehall and soca to kuduro and UK funky and beyond. Tonite we’re taking a special look to a music style that we’ve […]


Downtown Party Network – We Are Cats by Downtown Party Network Our house/disco party in June will feature some nice music from Lithuania aka Downtown Party Network. Last time with Tensnake was a blast to arrive early, it’s cheaper too.

Few videos from our Xmas party last Friday

We had plenty of fun last Friday at YK with a full house, thanks to everybody who came down. Big ups to Emperatron, Bright Shades and Lenno who all delivered very musical and solid perfomances. Thanks also to Eyelevel Clothing and Nike Sportswear for providing the presents. Here’s some basic party videos..

top billin annual xmas party tonite at club yk

It’s time to hit the club for the annual Top Billin XMAS BASH tonite at Club YK. Every year it’s just pure crazyness, so pls arrive. Click the flyer on the right side for more info and attend at the FB event too. —> This year we got performances by: TOP BILLIN DJ TEAM EMPERATRON […]

Kool ‘rave’ tonite at Kuudes Linja

It’s a national holiday tomorrow as it’s our day of independance, so we got a little party going down at Kuudes Linja tonite. It’s a free entry before midnight with a password (you can find that at the facebook event party girl). This Sunday event will be pretty much of latest in electronic dance music, […]

Koivuniemen Paula

TOP BILLIN at BÖRS, TURKU from Top Billin on Vimeo. You need to be Finnish to understand the little joke hidden in this. The party itself was dope.

Let’s play hard this Friday

With these videos I’d like to remind you to come down to the Man Recordings 5 years party at YK with our friend and Man Recordings head honcho Daniel Haaksman… Valeu amigo! I’ll be posting some goodies from weird places around world during this week.

Daniel Haaksman / Emynd

Daniel Haaksman “Hands Up (Emynd Remix)” by Emynd Lovin Emynd’s remix of . . Daniel Haaksman will join us for Man Recordings 5 years party at Club YK next month. Don’t miss it.

Kid Sister at Tavastia pictures

We had a blast last weekend with Melisa Kid Sister & Willy Joy when they stopped by in Helsinki during the Kid Sister European tour. They also killed it and burned down the house, see some pics and video from the show after the jump.

Kid Sister + Top Billin this friday

8.10.2010 @ Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki KID SISTER (US) Support by: HELSINKI 78-82 TOP BILLIN DJ’s ERKKO (MISF*TS) Doors open: 00:00 – 04:00 Advance: Tiketti 18 and over You can find that dope Helsinki 78-82 remix of Kid Sister on the info section of that tube clip…. It’s all free.


8th of October at Tavastia. Get your tickets here AND DOWNLOAD HELSINKI 78-82’s remix of Kid Sister in the info section of this video

Hand Clap Low Conga – soundboy burial

Get down! Reggae and dancehall special (other crazyness around the world included too aka Global Bass). The Very Best are playing at a festival here, so this is the afterparty…. Here’s a bit darker but a dope track from one of my favourites, DJ Killer from Soweto. MP3 DJ Killer – Baby Jelly (320K) (Mediafire)

Sunday madness

Here’s a little video of my Flow 2010 closing set. Shit was pretty epic and intense, people were really giving all the energy they had left; sometimes you could barely here the music through the screaming. Vito of Aeroplane also liked it:“OMFG Helsinki ! Bring me back !”

Heaps of everythings.

Heaps. That’s what Australian say when they mean a lot. Been hearing that over and over which is kool. The Sharkslayer tour continues, today we’re in Canberra, Australia’s capital (would not believe it), in the smoothest hotel we’ve seen so far, 5 stars is how we do it. Last night we had a blast at […]

Damn Funky

6.8.2010 Dam Funk live w/ Top Billin at Kuudes Linja. Keep the date in mind.

Weekend show!

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV Broadcasting live from the downtown Nike store, log in!

weekend action

Sinden, Eli Escobar, Manare, French Fries, Zinc, myself…. Nice weekend coming. MP3 Copasetic – Degree (320K) (Mediafire)

White Light mixes w/ DJ Eli

This just in as the man himself will arrive later today to do a three gig weekender with DJ Anonymous. Grab the mix here. See you in Siltanen tonight.


It sure does. Last time in Redrum so let’s get down, nice park action that day before this. Holler at any one of us for guestlist, we gonna make it a big one.

Summer starts officially today

With this J-Laini and myself would like to announce summer games officially open. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Hand Clap Low Conga event so it’s about time. If you don’t know what’s up, the idea is simple and dope: we play the best in ghetto styles all over the world. Lot of […]

Artist showcases

Koobra – Thrills EP by TOP BILLIN Yves Rockers Crew – Up To No Good EP by TOP BILLIN Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots – Get Your Conga On EP by TOP BILLIN PL FUNKY COMPILATION EP by TOP BILLIN This shit is starting to really feel an actual label so we need start doing […]

Walborg day

Our homegirl Hanna Loves will be hosting her traditional 1st of May party at the usual location. Massive line-up guaranteed because every dj in town will be there.