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Various Artists – Best Of MMXV

Our annual ‘Best Of’ -compilation is out now with 16 fire tracks from 2015. It’s been a great year for us, with music from techno to ghetto house, trap, bass tunes, house, footwork and beyond.


Kepikei – Crystl Black

The night is always darkest just before the the bass drops. After 3 eps, the dark knight Kepikei is back on Top Billin with his 4th release of bass tracks and experimental vibes. Because that’s how Kepikei does it, renewing himself record after record, always keeping us on our toes trying to think what comes […]


Jack Of Clubs #2: Borussia – RPM Jam

Jack Of Clubs #2: RPM Jam by Borussia Jack Of Clubs is our new series for new club music highlights. Jack Of Clubs is not only the most jacking club music, Jack of Clubs is a track that doesn’t require a b-side. As a label we often get 1 track demos, or a pack of […]


Too Late Productions – Ghetto Trax EP

4 new original tracks from European house veterans. As raw and ghetto sounds in dance music are practically their own genre nowadays, Europeans are not always very clear what ghetto house really is so here’s the definition in a nutshell: Ghetto house, or booty house, is a type of Chicago house which started being recognized […]


Kepikei – Back To School EP

Serbian techno knight Kepikei returns to Top Billin with 4 killer cuts. As a label, we mainly concentrate on the more ghetto-ed out sounds of club music and take pride in not diving too deep, because we want to keep things on the party aspective, but with Kepikei we make an exception. Don’t get us […]



Voices / Karma by Mixsa Right on the heels of the previous Brazilian release by Kassiano, let me introduce to you Mixsa, a couple from Curitiba (aka Pine Nut Land in English), Brazil, who enjoy their sounds dark and groovy. This might be the ‘deepest’ release to date on MTWAT, but definitely suitable for the […]


Kepikei — “Blk Uncrn / Astronomical”

Blk Uncrn / Astronomical by Kepikei You know anything about black unicorns? Pretty bass-heavy animals. Having already released a smashing 2-track ep of 808 action, classic electro and house vibes, Kepikei returns to Top Billin with his signature sound. Also knows as M. Capela, our man is influenced by the sinister sounds of electronic music […]


MTWAT038 OUT NOW: The Diving Machine

Hailing from Belgium, The Diving Machine make awesome tough techno. Originally solo producers and friends from school and both inspired by the same artists and same styles of electronic music (read: techno), it was an easy step to for them to start producing together. Getting support from Belgian producers friend such as Sound Of Stereo […]


MTWAT030 Out Now: Vuiton

Vuiton…. What comes into your mind, expensive bags? Forget that, this is more interesting as this young techno producer coming from Munich, Germany, the city where acts like Zombie Nation and SCNTST are from, follows the tradition of German craftmanship of dope techno tunes. Already attracting attention with big guys for his remix for Boys […]

Preview: Sir Nenis and Roby Howler for Trax Records

Trax Records releases Sir Nenis & Roby Howler‘ “Don’t Stop” EP (includes remixes from Coin Operated Boy, Zombies For Money, Jagerverb and Joelito) Worldwide release date November 27 ‘Don’t Stop’ is a definitive house jam which will keep you dancing, hence the name ‘Don’t Stop (the dance)’. Filled with big room synth pads, house piano’s […]



ARTIST INFO: We had a great lunch of Mexican food last time in Los Angeles with Dan Oh, it was pero spicy… Dan is one of the dopest guys out there and makes awesome dancefloor monsters so we’re happy to add a friend to the MTWAT team… Los Angeles’ own hallmark DJ and Producer DAN […]



ARTIST INFO: Coming from the eastern side of Germany, DJ Dee Ass (that’s a ghetto house DJ name for real) knows his hard stuff. He also started producing electronic music when he was only 14 (!), so being over 20 now, he has has years of experience and we’re happy to add DJ DA to […]



ARTIST INFO: When talking about Dutch house, Rishi Romero is the name to be mentioned. Being one the pioneers of the now popular house movement, Rishi has enough experience as a producer and a DJ so we can fairly call him a pioneer. Having previously released on labels like Spinnin and Samsobeats, Rishi now joins […]



My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT is a new label under the Top Billin Music corporation, run by Sharkslayer. ARTIST INFO: Presenting The Integrals, an Austrian DJ duo, who have been involved in the scene in Vienna for ages and have been djing the best clubs and parties for a good time now. They’re […]


Preview: One Dark Martian has landed

If you buy one ep this summer, make sure it’s this one…. One Dark Martian (ODM) has been making a name for himself on the UK House and Garage scene since around 2004. He has gained massive support from some of the scenes biggest DJ’s and Producers including DJ EZ, Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown, MJ […]


Astronomar “Juno X Top Billin podcast vol 8″

Juno X Top Billin podcast volume 8 – Mixed by Astronomar by Juno Electro House on Mixcloud We’re reached volume 8 in our Juno X Top Billin podcast series, that’s what’s up. This 8th edition is mixed by one of the leading stars on today’s club music, Astronomar. “Without exaggeration, Astronomar is one of the […]



My Techno Weighs A Ton aka MTWAT is a new label under the Top Billin Music corporation, run by Sharkslayer. ARTIST INFO: Release 007 takes us to the Eastern part of Europe where beats are hard and techno is alive and well. First introduced to night clubs and electronic muisc in northern Russia in the […]

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Video: Momazing – Pavetron

Momazing – Pavetron from Cory 'Crumie' Hearns on Vimeo. Momazing aka DJ Moms and Amazinggaijin deliver a new video for their smasher ‘Pavetron’. It got dinos, dinos are dope.


MIX: Alex Nieminen April mixtape

When our buddy Alex is not busy being all Ron Swanson on his advertising agency, he cheap cialis fast delivery time has time smash out some real nice mixes. His latest mix is now playing at our office so you can hear/download some nice house vibes as well. “The selection is a real united nations […]


Newsflash: Sharkslayer launches new label, dedicated to heavy bangers

Press release: Sharkslayer launches own label, music to begin with from Will Bailey, Nick Thayer, Funkin Matt, Misk, Rishi Romero, Ostblockschlampen and more. Preview 1st release on the player. Helsinki’s bass and electro music don and a Top Billin member of the board of bosses Sharkslayer launches a new label, cleverly titled My Techno Weighs […]


Out Now: Premium Crates compilation

We got some club gems for you now… This compilation features the cream of the cream of modern day producers, especially the guys you been hearing about and thinking what they do next. Compiled by Top Billin president Sir Nenis (with the help of Top Billin artists), this compilation goes from bass tracks to uplifting […]


MP3: Roby Howler remixes Drop The Lime

Well what do you know, our brother Roby Howler from Moscow is again at it, this time remixing Drop The Lime‘s single ‘Shake Baby Shake’. We’re pretty used to the fact that anything Roby touches is a winner and this remix makes no exception. Deep vibes, until the whole track gets going in a way […]

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MP3: Them Jeans remixes SBTRKT

Our Los Angeles homie Jason aka Them Jeans has just remixed SBTRKT and is giving away his remix for free. Know what I mean, free. Watch out for more madness from Them Jeans on Top Billin this year. ALternative link.


OUT NOW: MRTN – Slow What Turn

Take one of Sweden´s biggest DJs, put him in a studio together with Robyn´s (yes, that blond girl) drummer and you get the producer duo: MRTN. DJ Mrtn (Sthlm Beat) and the drummer Pomp (Povel Olofsson) have worked together since spring of 2010, and their debut track ‘High’ was released august 2010. ‘High’ is a […]


OUT NOW: Jagerverb – Lady Birds EP

Jagerverb – known to his parents as Liam Mitchell – is a DJ and producer of electronic music based in Sheffield, UK. At a mere 19 years of age, Jagerverb is already drawing attention on the UK DJ circuit as well as creating a stir online with his remixes and original productions. His tracks and […]



Wool aka Glen Brady is a Top Billin family member, we’ve been friends since ages and worked together numerous times, had many laughs and fun gigs together as well. End of last year Wool dropped his excellent ‘Magic Carpet’ single featuring the vocal talent of Top Billin affiliate Celebral Wortex. We spoke about the next […]


OUT NOW: Hornets – 808 Rumble EP

HORNETS – 808 RUMBLE EP by TOP BILLIN Yet again dope music from Paris, meet Hornets. After a long journey in to the world of nightlife, Simon and Thibault decided to give life in December 2009 to a unique entity: Hornets. Fueled by a passion for techno and house music, style is beginning to confirm […]

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New mix from Voxels

VOXELS – RUBIKTURNTABLE MIXTAPE by Breaks Lda. on Mixcloud Voxels have just released their debut ep on our Nightrunners series / sub label. And to celebrate the occasion here’s a dj mix from the fine Portuguese duo. Stream or download and don’t fight the feeling. Tracklisting: 01. Voxels – The Dancefloor 02. Slap In The […]


OUT NOW: Bawz – Higher EP

Welcoming Bawz to the Top Billin family! Bawz likes his beats heavy and rolling and will surely make you dance. The way describes himself is dope too: “Bawz is a freak. Bawz don’t give a fuck. Bawz wanna bring nasty back. Bawz is horny all the time. Bawz gets off on making titties bounce, and […]


OUT NOW: Willy Joy – Woman Like Me Remixes

Willy Joy, a gentleman and a friend of ours. We had much fun while he was over in Helsinki as Kid Sister’s tour dj and now we get to chance to release a full remix ep of his 2011 hit, ‘Woman Like Me’. Willy’s DJ sets and original productions have been packing sweaty dancefloors across […]


Top Billin “Dancing In The Moonlight Mix”

Top Billin – Dancing In The Moonlight mix by topbillinmixes Top Billin – Dancing In The Moonlight mix by Top Billin on Mixcloud Time for a new mix… this special. As you may have noticed, we tend to make mixes quaterly, when the mood changes, we want to bring suitable vibes for it. Now that […]


World Gone Club vol. 3 out 9th of September

VARIOUS ARTISTS – WORLD GONE CLUB VOL. 3 by TOP BILLIN Hey party brother / sister. This compilation series is dedicated to bring you the best of ‘new’ talent around world, and the 3rd edition makes no exception. This one includes music from Chile to the US and from Italy to Canada to Russia and […]