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Video: NiklavZ feat. Sim Sim – Space Cakes

“I like cars, I really enjoy being behind a powerful vehicles steering wheel, It’s like you can control a beast. I used to own a car with V6 engine, it was so damn good, but I had to sell it because it was too expensive for my lifestyle.” — NiklavZ Listen to NiklavZ’s new release and […]

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Trekkie Trax on MTV Japan

Our Tokyo crew members Trekkie Trax just appeared on MTV Japan, check these two videos, find out where they play, where the name Trekkie #nerds comes from and what records are coming from the TT camp next. 15-track Trekkie Trax Japan Vol.2 will be out 6th of May on Top Billin. Watch part 1 on […]

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Video: Gooffee – Coochie

Dudes twerking, mad moves, last year’s big seller. Brand new official video for Gooffee‘s hit ‘Coochie’, out now on Top Billin Music. This is something that just brings good feelings and was fun to make. Credits: Paul & Will, dude with the moves is Maki. Good times.


Video: Official babes and cocaine video for Spox

Here’s a fun video for a fun tune. Spox’s great house jam ‘She Don’t Lie’ gets a new video, club edit style. It’s all about Miami during the cocaine cowboys days, damn lovely…. ‘She Don’t Lie’ is now out on our ‘Premium Crates’ -compilation, get that at Beatport.

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Robel Sonix video mixtape for Top Billin

Cool guys Rebel Sonix have made a video mixtape, peep it here. Video includes club hit and some yet unreleased material from the guys soon on Top Billin…. Video mixtapes are dope, definitely the future. Tracklisting can be found on the video description but sometimes more fun to listen/watch before checking that.

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Video: Check out Wool do his thing LIVE

Now this is a dope one… Check out our buddy Wool playing his new tracks live. And with live we mean sans ordinateur. Wool’s ‘Rock Opera’ is now out on Discobelle Records and his collabo with Sharkslayer ‘Jackman Stomp’ is now out on MTWAT. “This music equipment used in this video: Machinedrum UW, X0X Box […]

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Urban Knights feat. Blackout JA – Step On Dem

URBAN KNIGHTS FEAT. BLACKOUT JA – STEP ON DEM (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Top Billin on Vimeo. Just when we thought things could not get anymore blazey, here’s a brand new video for Urban Knights massive grime anthem ‘Step On Dem’, featuring the badman Blackout Ja. This is a dope street video, no animation here this […]

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Video: Momazing – Pavetron

Momazing – Pavetron from Cory 'Crumie' Hearns on Vimeo. Momazing aka DJ Moms and Amazinggaijin deliver a new video for their smasher ‘Pavetron’. It got dinos, dinos are dope.

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Video: Reilly Steel – Risin

REILLY STEEL – RISIN (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Top Billin on Vimeo. Brand new video for Reilly Steel’s hit ‘Risin’, produced by Max Kaplan. Remember to grab Reilly’s new ep put now and treat yourself a free track at XLR8R Magazine.

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VIDEO: Urban Knights tell you some future plans

Ok, ok ok…! Latest addition to the Top Billin family are no rookies. Get introduced to URBAN KNIGHTS via IAMMUSIC.TV! Expect some grime/funky vibes from their forthcoming ep… It’s BIG. “Do you wear a helmet when you hit it?” “Yeah, safety 1st”

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Video: 25 Years Of Ghetto House

“Chicago Juke music has roots that run deep. The film chronicles the birth and evolution of a genre over 25 years.” A nice documentary by Sonali Aggarval about juke and ghetto house / tek in Chicago. Lot of familiar names and faces and nice insight of the development of ghetto music styles. Recommended watching if […]

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Wool “SF 94”

This is a video for the superb new single by Wool, ‘SF 94’. Some old skool action from San Francisco. Enjoy! “I really wanted to get away from making a poppy/concept video. The song itself is all about vague, druggy, youthful memories so I wanted to portray the feeling of that. I feel like every […]


Koobra “Nightrunning”

Hey, brand new video for Koobra’s ‘Nightrunning’, check it. Remember ‘Cruising’ by Helsinki 78-82? This could easily be the sequel to that (with some added comedy), except this time with a car instead. Starring Reima Gucci and friends, it’s once again a feelgood video! Woop woop! Camera – 252Five Media 2nd Camera & Grading – […]

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Viva Nights in St. Petersburg

Was just crazy…. Thanks party people! Big up also to Ruslan, Fedor, Chickenshit Clan boys, Maria and that 7feet girl at the backstage and anyone who danced. Photos after the jump…

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Spox – Salute Me (video medley)

Yet another great video for your pleasure. Spox released his hard-hitting ‘Salute Me’ ep couple of months back and here’s a video medley. Check some nice vibes from Poland and don’t forget to grab the hit ep (sure winners at the club). Follow our man’s funny tweets.


Reefer Shark

Sharkslayer – Reefer Shark by SHARKSLAYER Some new a wee bit deeper sounds from Sharkslayer… Reefer Shark!

Virus Syndicate – Your Life (prod. Starkey)

New Virus Syndicate single produced by homie Starkey. Big! Virus Syndicate X Top Billin club smasher ‘Poppin Bottles’ is done and has remixes by Say Wut, DJ Rashad & DJ Earl, Jakes, MRK1 and so on. Out soon as the release negotations are done….

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Them Jeans “Balloons”

Now this is something great… Watch with caution! “This is my first music video, directed by an old friend of mine Chris and his partner Bill, who produce videos and many other things under the name Walter Robot. The video stars Chris’ brother Den, as he goes on a wild drug filled adventure through town, […]

Meet Viadrina from Poland

You may have noticed a dope disco vibed house song from these guys called Viadrina (Poland, dope) on the 1st edition of ‘Nightrunners’ compilation ep‘s. Well, these cats are preparing a full ep for us and also have a new release out on Pets Recordings (run by Catz ‘n’ Dogz of Dirtybird fame) out today. […]


Cobra Krames is our friend, funny dude and a man on many talents. Peep his new project called Trunkstep and watch out for more originals and remixes from him on Top Billin.

Sampology showcase

Check out a great video of our man Sampol ogy's Monster Mash showcases. Dude is an absolute monster behind decks. His ep is out now on Top Billin. zp8497586rq